3 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Bulgaria

Planning to visit one of the most amazing places on Earth? Don’t miss out Bulgaria as it’s still considered to be the most popular western tourists spot. Every tourist loves to experience a bit of everything and travelers just want it all at affordable price. Skiers get attracted towards Mountain slopes of Pomporovo and Bansko in the winter whereas in summers, the crowd is more drawn towards the Black Sea Beaches. Though Sofia, the capital, is not that beautiful but when you head on to the countryside in order to explore the coastline, you’ll almost want to have this place as home or may even apply for the Bulgaria citizenship.

What Bulgaria has to leave you spellbound with?

There is a plethora that you can get from Bulgaria. So let’s delve in to discover some picturesque tourist’s spots that you might not have stumbled upon ever before;

The Black Sea Beaches

What could be better than starting with the country’s coastline that truly the most captivating location? You know what, the Black Sea Coastline is what Bulgaria is known for. The coastline stretches miles long wearing sandy beaches textured with golden sand and bordered with dotted hotels. Fishing villages and historical sites also add up to its beauty. Tourists can then head on to the glitzier resorts right there and if you are willing to visit the city beaches, don’t forget to hop in to Burgas and Varna.

Rila Monastery

This magnificent spot is also known as the Jerusalem of Bulgaria. Located in the South of Sofia, this picturesque Easter orthodox monastery is in the forested mountains that’s also worth a pilgrimage visit. Rila Monastery is actually named for St. Ivan of Rilski, who was the tenth century hermit lived in the nearby cave. This beautiful monastery was built, burnt and again built centuries ago. The construction one would see by now is dated to the 1800s.

Once you enter the courtyard, you’ll be amazed with the peace and harmony of the church, its interior and the 5 domes meeting the sky. Few miles away, there are peaks of Rila Mountains that turns up being no less than a heart-throbbing view.


For those of you, who are eagerly willing to visit this place and some even intending to get the Bulgaria citizenship by investment, must know that Sozopol is one of the oldest towns on the Black Sea Coastline. Located at the 35 KM south of Burgas, this is a popular fishermen’s village as well as seaside resort. Back in 6th Century BC, Sozopol was known as Apollonia, having a temple that was dedicated to Apollo. One gets a chance to experience and feel the mesmerizing glitches of nature.

Though this town is quite small but you can walk along the quays in the evening but don’t miss the sunset, it’s truly astounding and breathtaking. For the sea obsessed crowd, rock along the shore are always welcoming you to lay down and take sunbathe in case you find the sea rough or deep.


This place is popular for 2 main reasons. It is home to the best wineries in the country and is the smallest city in Bulgaria. Within minutes, you can walk up the entire town’s one main street, but you would love to sit for hours at a local tavern as your will get spellbound with the rich red wines. If you can resist yourself for sitting any long and somehow manage to get up from your there, there is a pyramidal Melnik Rocks and the Rozhen Monastery nearby that are surely worth a visit.


Willing to have a memorable visit to Bulgaria this season? Just check out the article and discover more.

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