3 Most Common Cleaning Mistakes You Must Avoid

Cleaning Mistakes

Even if you love to clean, you surely don’t want to spend the whole day doing it. Things get even more frustrating when you are making mistake while cleaning especially when you have go through trails of stuff online on How to Remove Mould and Mildew from Walls and how to clean your house perfectly etc. since have been very much into this cleaning stuff perhaps that’s why you are reading this as well, these mistakes are really annoying, expensive and time consuming. So here we plan to save you from all of that hassle and realize you of few cleaning mistakes that you might be making. You will also learn how to fix these mistakes, so let’s discuss it further;

Cleaning Vs. Disinfecting

No, these two are not at all the same things. People often make a mistake of using the words cleaning and disinfecting interchangeably. Again, these are two entirely different things. Lifting the dirt off the surface is what cleaning is all about whereas killing all the bacteria after you have removed all the dirt off is known as disinfecting. Mistakenly, people use bleach to clean the shower. Well, bleach is not a cleaner but disinfectant. So it will kill bacteria but it won’t leave your surface any cleaner. So just be purposeful and use the right products, tools and technique for cleaning as well as disinfecting.

Vacuuming First

Do you often vacuuming First? Not a good idea. As per the perfect cleaning manner, one should come from the top to bottom. If you vacuum first, you are actually starting from the bottom and that’s not what’s preferred in the cleaning world. The best idea is to vacuum in the end and cleaning the top like surfaces, walls, fans, island, worktops, tables, chairs and etc. at first, let all the dirt fall over the floor and then vacuum it all at one, it will save you time and tons of effort.

Cleaning Without De-cluttering

Cleaning forums are badly clustered with the question that say, where to start cleaning my place is so messy. Well the best answer to all of them is, don’t clean first but de-clutter it. The three wave system works perfectly when it comes to the cleaning. Wave one is de-cluttering. So instead of getting overwhelmed with how to cleaning the mess, just de-clutter it all at first. For obvious reasons, you simply can’t clean around things, you need to get rid of that mess first. Therefore, de-clutter, tidy up, get rid of garbage and then you can start cleaning.

In a nutshell, cleaning your home itself is such a hassling job and when you get fenced with your mistakes that you do repeatedly, cleaning itself becomes mess. Although there are other mistakes too that haven’t been discussed yet but the mentioned above are the most common ones that must be avoided. So just make cleaning easier for yourself and have a tidy place with peaceful mind.


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