3 Interesting Wallpaper Ideas for Every Part of Your Home

‘Mirror, Mirror! On the Walls, Who’s the most beautiful of them all?’ We have often asked, haven’t we? But instead of looking at the mirror always, sometimes have a glance at the walls too. Do they need a makeover? If you are looking to design or redesign the walls of your precious house and don’t want all the rooms to look like clones of each other, then you must select different kinds of wallpapers for each one. After all, variety is the spice of life, isn’t it?

But if you scout the market, you will notice that there are hundreds of places which offer high-quality, innovative, and beautiful wallpapers that can perfectly adorn your homes and offices, alike. So, there is also quite a chance that you will be left totally spoilt for choices. In order to get you out of this confusion, here are a few wallpaper ideas for each and every room of your house. Take a quick look now.

Geometric Patterns on the Bedrooms

Graphic geometric patterns are sleek, chic, and have a very retro mid-century modern appeal, suitable for all smart homeowners. Easy to install, long-lasting, and readily available, these wallpapers can beautifully brighten up your space, no matter where you decide to apply them. However, it is a little overwhelming to have geometric patterns all over a room. So, if you decide to use it for a bedroom or even a study, make sure it is on the ceiling or at the back of a bookshelf. This sort of a concentrated burst of graphics can immediately spurt energy on any understated space and therefore, looks best on a part of the room.

Floral Blooming on Bathrooms or Kitchens

Floral printed wallpapers are common but they have an elegant and graceful appearance that fill up your spaces with a serenity and charm, despite having very simple looking furniture and decor. Small, tight, and pretty botanical prints are best for kitchens, bathrooms, or feminine places like powder rooms, laundry rooms etc. You can also install them inside closets if you feel like. And if you want to use them in large hallways or under stairways, you must pick the ones with larger prints.

Metallic Madness for the Living Area

Usually, all of us want to decorate a fabulous living room because this is most commonly visible space of our homes. Right from the outsiders to our esteemed guests, everyone first gets a view of this room. And not only the wallpaper, we also tend to choose our decor items carefully, picking the richest and most tasteful items that reflect our personality and sensibility perfectly. So, if you want to portray a sophisticated and lavish look for the living room, you should go for metallic wallpapers. Metallics have a lustrous, luminous, and stylish feel that can add some sheen to your otherwise mundane interiors.

So, what are you still thinking? These were some interesting wallpapers in Adelaide that you can purchase from any reputed store, both offline as well as online. However, before taking the final decision, measure your walls, check the rest of the interior, and keep an eye on the maintenance factor as well.

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