3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Pre-Pay for Gas/Fuel

Summer vacations are just about to arrive and it’s time for the gas prices to hike. Almost every road-tripper wants to save money at pump and it sounds no less than a jackpot when the dealer says, “do you want to get the car tank filled for 10 cents cheaper than local pump prices?” He would surely try to persuade you for this “great deal” but it isn’t as lucrative as it seems. Let’s discuss some reasons as to why prepaying for the entire tank isn’t really a great idea;

Will Your Drive Helps in Emptying the Tank?

Usually, you don’t bring the car back with an empty tank. While hiring from Rent a car Doha, you often pay for the full tank. While returning the vehicle, the tank is either half or quarter full for which, you don’t even get the refund. The gas left in the tank is no less than a free money for such providers.

Therefore, make sure that you don’t pay for the full tank rather it would also be viable if you use the entire fuel you got filled in the vehicle. Don’t get these providers enjoy the free money as it’s simply a higher average price per gallon that you are paying.

Don’t trust any random provider on the tank size

Tank sizes often vary even within a given model. Whenever the new cars are imported, the fleet manager notes down all the major information about that car into the computer quickly and sometimes even makes assumptions about the car’s specifications. Have you ever stumbled upon a typo or spelling errors on your rental paperwork? If the silver car can be accidentally labeled as “sliver,” What to say when they did the same with numbers like they wrote 17.5-gallon tank when they really meant 15.7. Thus, you end up being charged almost two extra gallons when you prepay?

Gas might be cheaper where you’re dropping off

If you are hiring the one way Rent a car Doha, just ensure what are the gas prices in the area you drop-off. This can make a huge difference to the pricing. For instance, the place you picked the car from offers the difference of 55 cents/gallon whereas the drop off location offers the difference of 35 cents/gallon. In that case, the prepaid gas prices are all based upon the place you pick up the car from.

Moreover, make sure that you don’t overpay for something that you can get on much cheaper rates. Not getting benefited with the financial flexibilities is also a type of loss and you won’t prefer this if you are a road-tripper.

In a nutshell, it’s essential to keep in mind these things while hiring the Rent a car Doha. While travelling, it more than important to cut the cost so that more things can be enjoyed in the least budget. Try to avoid these mistakes if you have ever done that before.


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