4 Natural Delights of Delhi You Must Not Skip!

Natural Delights of Delhi

Are you bored of the same streets, beaches and markets of Mumbai? Then why not go to another city? Exactly, if you have never explored the spots of capital; it is time to fly to Delhi. Exactly, the city is beaming with options and full of life for the ones who love to explore.

If you feel the distance is quite vast, then you can check out Mumbai to New Delhi Flights Schedule and get the booking as per your ease. You would be there in two hours and you have the entire day or even a weekend to explore the diverse places of this land.  Anyhow, while people talk about tourists spots; how about exploring the finest parks/gardens in the capital?  Have a quick peep below:

Deer Park

Do you have a special corner for nature? Do you adore greenery? If that is the case then this park awaits you.  The park has been named as the ‘Lungs of Delhi”.  It is one of the biggest and popular parks of Delhi.  You can actually get lost in here! Animals like deer, ducks, rabbits and peacocks can be seen at this place. The park has ample space for picnics and other activities, a proper jogging track with basic tools for exercising. The Hauz Khas Lake and ruins of tomb of Feroz Shah enhances the charm of it.

Buddha Garden

Are you seeking some inner peace?  Well, then it is the place for you. It was formed on the 2500th anniversary of Lord Buddha’s enlightenment.  This park is extremely large and beautifully lay out with luxurious green surroundings. The place is an absolute treat for joggers. Huge people including tourists visit to see the Bodhi tree planted in this park. It is a seedling from the same Bodhi tree under which Lord Buddha achieved enlightenment. Similarly, gaming facility for kids and huge spaces for picnics make the park a must visit spot.

Garden of Five Senses

Do you wish to relish some art while you stroll? Then this is the ideal place for you. The chief emphasis is on natural things that concentrate on rejuvenating your senses. It is a celebration for the common mans as well the art admirers. Diverse art works such as terracotta pots and wall hangings by renowned artists and students can be witnessed. Plenty of cultural programmes are also organized through the year. The park even has various restaurants. So, if you are a lucky one, you might witness a cultural program going on in here!

Lodhi Garden

One of the fewest great things left by the Britishers, Lodhi Garden is popular among folks of all age groups. Gorgeous surroundings having small water bodies, fountains and a splendid jogging track are some of the highlights that make this park a must visit. The park is most renowned for its antique monuments and diversity of flowers. Squirrels at this park are especially friendly. And yes, you know the winter afternoons attract a large number of sun-soaking crowds!

So, if you are seeking pleasure, peace and treat then you should visit these parks/gardens of Delhi. After all, these have the potential to take you into a rejuvenating abode!

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