5 Ways Printed Bags Can Boost Your Marketing Efforts

It is hard to believe but printed bags and totes can be one of the most fundamental marketing tools for your business that you might not be exploited to their maximum potential. Often disregarded as common merchandise, it can serve a variety of different purposes for your target audiences, and if you plan it right, each time they can be reminded of your brand. Here is a look at 5 ways that printed bags can effectively boost your brand marketing efforts.

Cost-efficient marketing strategy

Investing in printed bags as your marketing option can be much more cost-efficient as compared to high-end merchandise. You can buy the bags on wholesale, while also availing discounts from printers if you are getting the bags printed in bulk. Also, make sure to buy high-quality bags because they will represent your brand to your customers as they use it. Also, printed bags that are more durable will ensure your brand stays in front of your customers’ eyes longer.

Brand positioning at the core level

While billboards or advertisements only stay with your customers for a minute, printed bags remain with them as they leave your establishment with the transaction complete. products based companies can use bags of different sizes for products of different sizes, encouraging sales to boost. The printed bags appeal at a level where they are subconsciously favouring the brand as they favour the durable takeaway bags that are part of each transaction.

Exposure through viral marketing

If you are investing in quirky, high-quality bags for your brand promotions, you can rest assured that some of these bags will be exchanged amongst friends and family. People often use these bags as easy gift-wrap or to carry library books, groceries or even wines to their acquaintances. The personalised bags will thus reach many people outside your immediate customer base while propagating your brand through word of mouth marketing.

Business card substitute

Your printed bags should carry critical brand information such as your business address or your website ID so that people can quickly access your service should they have a need for it. In the situation where some clients might be reminded of your establishment by looking at your brand logo printed on personalised printed gift bags for personal and corporate use, they should also get the info for your company directly from it, if you truly want to tap the potential marketing benefits of these printed merchandise.

Building customer loyalty

Stockpile the personalised printed totes or bags at the checkout desk of your store. Also, use the bags as a complementary addition for every purchase through your website. For service-based companies, printed totes can also be used as a gift wrap for complimentary gifts to your clients after a successful deal or transaction. This small gesture can help build a ton of customer loyalty giving you a might edge over your competition.

Printed bags can be a little added touch that can make your brand appear more humane to your customers. Also, switching to printed natural bags from plastic for your company can also help reduce your carbon footprint, which is ultimately good for the environment.

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