The Advantages of SIM Only Plans

Advantages of SIM Only Plans


SIM only plans are among the most common plans within the phone industry. Most people go for this plan because of the many benefits key to them pocket friendliness and flexibility. This plan is, however, suitable if only you have an existing phone as it does not come with a handset.

Here is a deeper discussion of the benefits that come with a SIM Only Plan.

Benefits of SIM Only Plans

SIM only deals are extremely pocket-friendly

It is attributed to the fact that payment is only made for the SIM card and the most suitable tariff. There is no handset cost added to your monthly bill. You get the same number of minutes and data as you would get on a contract plan but cheaper on a SIM Only plan. You will need to have a phone so you just insert your SIM card.

SIM only plans are flexible

You only need to commit to this kind of plan for a short while, unlike other plans where you need to commit to even up to a year. Most SIM Only plans offer one-month plans while others offer up to 12- month plans and you select the one that suits you. The short-term plans allow you to vary your tariffs and choosing the ones that satisfy your needs effectively.

SIM only plans maintain your existing number

Going for a SIM Only plan does not mean you should drop your mobile number. All you should do so as to keep your previous number is to get in touch with your previous dealer to get a Port Authorisation Code. When you get your new SIM card, get in touch with your network and give them your temporary number, your previous number and your Port Authorisation Code. They will take care of the rest.

SIM only plans are convenient

All your minutes, texts and data are always available for use every time you need them. Pay-as-you-go deals need you to top up every time you need to use them and can be quite inconveniencing. SIM Only plans give you more value for your money compared to the PAYG plans.

SIM only plans also have network bonuses

SIM only deals come with amazing network perks just like other contract phone deals. Every SIM Only deal comes with benefits like Wi-Fi in selected places, faster internet speeds and other enticing perks for every customer.

SIM Only deals make it easier to surpass a credit check

This is because you are considered a low-risk customer as you are not hiring a handset from the dealer. Going through a credit test successfully is simple and less strenuous although you are not always guaranteed of passing this test.

SIM Only deals allow you to keep your phone

Unlike other phone contracts that come with hiring a handset, the SIM only plan gives you the option of retaining your old phone. You are however free to change your phone if you identify a phone you would love to own.

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