Benefits of having facial recognition and Motion detector in your CCTV cameras

CCTV cameras

Having a CCTV camera at your workplace or your home is a must in this day and age as it not only provides you with a higher level of security but also lets you stay connected with your loved ones. Now with the advent of newer and improved technologies, CCTV cameras nowadays include a greater number of features than ever before. Attributes such as facial recognition paired with a motion detecting camera provides a customer not only a more sophisticated level of security but also a much safer environment in his home or his workplace. Some now might question the need for such high level of upgrades, to address them, here are some of the benefits that come with CCTV paired with facial recognition and motion detector.

Provide more security

Let’s be honest here, a camera with facial recognition paired with a motion detecting camera will always provide a higher level of security than any other commercially available CCTV cameras. These newly upgraded cameras have strong inbuilt softwares and hardwares that has the capability to detect even the faintest of movement and identify only those faces that it has been told to accept. Having these features, reduces the risk of you even getting robbed or more importantly, your loved ones from ever getting harmed. These cameras basically do the job of a security guard.

Delivers a higher level of recognition performance

Since these cameras have a better and improved software, they do not get triggered by some movement caused by trees or the passing of a shadow. They basically reduce the chances of a false alarm and only gets triggered if the threat is severe enough.

They can even recognize pets

Cameras that have the facial recognition software can generally be programmed to identify the faces of your pets. Programming them to identify your pet will allow them to travel between your house and the outside with ease without ever triggering the alarms. This is also helpful as the cameras won’t get activated when they see your pet but will send you a warning if there are other animals prowling near your house.

Reliable and economical

Cameras with motion detection start capturing any footage once they have been triggered by some kind of motion in their field of view. This not only saves a lot of space in your disc as it does not record every little detail of everyday but also provides you with a higher and sophisticated level of security. Therefore in a way this camera is saving you a lot of energy by not capturing unnecessary footage but only capturing those that are essential to you.

Other beneficial features that are useful

Cameras with these softwares can also identify cars with unknown number plates that have come near your house and take pictures of it if they think it is some kind of suspicious activity. They can even start recording if they think someone or something has lingered nearby your house or workplace for quite some time for further reference by you.

 Features like these improves the quality and efficiency of a CCTV camera and due to these reasons, buying one that has both facial recognition and motion detector is a must nowadays.

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