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The landscape of software development is rapidly changing. To be in the forefront, one needs to upgrade continuously as per the latest technology. It’s no more an option, but an essential aspect now. But the technology is changing quickly and it’s difficult to keep in tune with the latest trends. Thus, I have jotted down few latest technologies in the software development industry. These are essential for any software development company.

Open source is a decade old innovation, but it still relevant in the software development industries. Companies across globe rely on open source software. To remain agile one of the best way is to be part of the open source community or use the tools of open source your projects. The software is continually upgraded by its large community.

Data is the king is a well known fact. The companies collect large amounts of data, but what they often lack is organizing that data

Mobile friendly

With the arrival of smart phones industry mobiles have become increasingly important. Users’ surfing on mobile has already exceeded the number of desktops surfing. Thus, companies are now striving for mobile friendly websites. Google is closely observing the websites and ranking them on the top with high mobile experience. Developers are continuously evolving and upgrading the latest techniques to increase the UX (user experience) of the website.

Data is the King

The relevance of big data is a well known fact now. Organizations have to collect enormous amounts of data. But without data analyst or computer system analyst, organizing data for practical purpose is impossible.  Managing data is an imperative skill for those operating in IT sector. It’s an area of growth and will remain so for next few years.

Cloud computing technology

The technology is rapidly spreading its horizons in enterprises. Many new devices are assembled with cloud technology. Top brands are moving in the direction of cloud technology. One of such example is of Amazon, which is known as the leader, when comes to cloud computing technology. Analysts believe that the cloud technology demand is increasing and there is great need for efficient and skilled workers of cloud computing.

Motion user Interface

The industry of software development is trying every possible way to increase the UI of the website. One of such way is via Motion UI. Its popularity has grown widely. It ensures creating animation and CSS transition quickly. With Motion UI the application transition looks smooth and easy. Moreover, this UI is continually updated with the latest trends. It’s a great way to give your users’ a greater interface experience.


Rails have transformed the traditional working of websites tremendously. While the traditional web layouts required setup and configuration manually, rails brought smart defaults to render common functionality. Moreover, productivity has also witnessed a revolution due to rails. Considering its high benefits, one should not wonder why Rails have increased its popularity in a short span of time.


These were the few latest trends any web software development company, software developer and seo services needs to consider.

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