Check out the 3 most captivating historic Destinations of Ahmedabad

captivating historic Destinations of Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is undoubtedly the pride of Gujrat and it is a place wherein India’s splendid history, architectural prodigies and delicious sea food mix. A strong bond link Ahmedabad with the rest of country and it speaks loud about the Father of Nation Mahatma Gandhi. On one side whereAhmedabad takes the visitors back to extensive history of India with its historical monuments, on the other side, it talks a lot about its diverse practice and culture via its feel.

If you want to taste this richness and this splendour, just visit this city. You can book hotels in Ahmedabad for your comfortable and cosy stay. For now, have a peep into three most captivating historic Destinations of Ahmedabad.

  1. Sabarmati Ashram

The Ashram spreads on western bank of River Sabarmati. It is situated only at a distance of five kilometres from city centre. If you want to taste the air of this spot that served as a base for Mahatma Gandhi’s political endeavours and witnessed him moving out on famous Dandi March in year 1930 then you should visit this spot. The place emerged as an inspiration of confidence for followers of non-violent movement in struggle for freedom of India.

This Sabarmati Ashram was founded by Mahatma Gandhi in the year 1915. Even today, it houses the signals of his tenacious struggle. While you are there, don’t miss to have a deeper look at handicrafts, spinning wheels and handmade paper which get manufactured in this ashram. It also has some unique pictures of Mahatma Gandhi and letters which were written by him to Hitler on July 23, 1939. You can also walk through the memory lane via art galleries, a book store and a library.

  1. Siddi Sayed Mosque

The Siddi Sayed Mosque is one of the most attractive monuments in Ahmedabad. It is situated in northeast area of Bhadra Fort. It is extremely popular for its amazing latticework over its yellow sandstone. The chief highlight of this mosque is twin jails that are placed on the western wall which means intertwining of tree branches. The gorgeous carving is highly esteemed as it has been done with unresolved delicacy.

  1. Bhadra Fort

This Bhadra Fort was raised by Sultan Ahmad Shah in the year 1411 A. D. this royal fort has a Bhadrakali Temple which is dedicated to the Hindu Goddess ‘Bhadrakali’. In this current time, this fort serves as site for performing flag hoisting ceremony on Republic day and also on Independence Day.

The entire fort is scattered over an area of about forty-four acres. The fort possesses a garden along with a mighty pavilion. It is highly cherished for its gorgeous architecture. Bhadra fort features variety of imprinted arches and all the balconies, windows with inventive Jali works. One of the chief fascinations of the fort is statue of first industrialist of this city.

Thus, these were just three most captivating destinations of Ahmedabad. In case you want to explore all other spots and destinations then visit the city and reserve rooms in Ahmedabad cheap hotels for your stay.


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