Cold calls or Pop-Up Messages? How are you falling into the trap of support scams?


Norton have a huge number of consumers all over the world. It goes without saying that they not only offer top-notch all round protection for your device but also have a brilliant Norton tech supportThe technical assistance team is made up of number of qualified and dedicated group of professionals that are always present to support their consumers all round the clock. Yet, many consumers are falling into the trap of technical assistance scam which generally come in the form of cold calls and pop-up messages. If you are still unware of them, this guide is meant to help you.

What is a cold call?

Technical assistance cold calls are those phone calls which are made to an individual from an imposter who claims to have come from a reputable company and that they have found virus and malware on the device. The criminal then tricks the customers into believing that they need to install some kind of desktop software from remote location in order to remove the infestation of virus. This, in turn, allows the attacker in accessing the computer or other device for installation of real malware. They sometimes even ask for a fee to fix the issue which means that they aim and succeed in harming the consumers from two ends. Such issues are often faced by customers of eminent companies like Norton and if you are one of them, you should reach the Norton tech support without further delay.

What are pop-up messages?

When a user is using the internet for the purpose of browsing, they often get pop-up messages. The main objective of sending such pop-up messages is to make the user use a website which comes with a link related content and clicking to that link redirects the user to a web hosting pop-up. These types of pop-ups are generally very intrusive and they make it very difficult for the users to tap or close the pop-up window. The pop-ups state that the device is infected with a malware and displays a phone number for assistance in removing the malware. In most cases, it is found that the pop-ups are designed in such a way that they appear to have come from a legitimate source such as Norton.

Another means of preying the consumers occurs through advertising or confusing search results. When a person is searching online, it often so happens that the user receives different unworthy search results on the basis of the search engine the user is browsing on. Therefore, if you are faced with such problems, then Norton tech support can be your savior and help you to steer clear of any kind of danger.

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