Corporate Fashion of Giving Gifts


Corporate gift giving is now thought to be a serious business. It is a part of a well-thought programme that assists to establish or increase decisive relationships and is considered to be a cost-effective means of identifying performances that are beneficial to the business.


With regard to numerous surveys, it has been found out that gifts are given to major clients. After that is given to employees and then to prospective clients. Reasons that are counted for gift giving a range from thanking long-standing customers for their business to identifying an appreciated employee for working on a weekend. The essential reason remains the same to establish relationships and increase the personal connection between giver and recipient.

Gifts vary from physical items to perquisites that are given with no clear preconditions for performance and neither they contain any deliberate imprints nor advertising. They are not part of any prescribed programme. It does not imply that there is no bottom line to be derived from corporate gift giving. It is a vital part of the marketing strategy of some companies. It is agreed upon by all if done perfectly, gift giving is a cost-effective way to develop a sense of partnership with prized associates. In this regard, corporate fruit basket has very much importance and are specially arranged and made.

  • Gifts to be given

There are thousand and one gifts that could be given in corporate gift giving. One can offer a power bank, dinner set, trolley bag, items of personal use and also gift vouchers.

  • Food items

They are very popular corporate gift items. They go well with many holidays as they can be taken home and enjoyed with family and friends. To win minds and hearts through the stomach, you ought to be thoughtful and creative.

  • Liquor and wine

These are old favorites. Hard liquor has lost its popularity over a period. In the face of the stigma that is associated with liquor in the corporate sector, it is necessary to keep things in view. If your client’s choice and joy are wine, provide it. You can also offer cigars to cigar aficionado.

  • Office related items

In this gift category fall pen sets and desk blotters that are safe bets which show good taste and practicality. You be careful while giving a fountain pen as it is expensive and cheap one is tacky. When you consider gifting art prints and other decorative items be careful as taste is personal and strategic in office.

  • Tickets for live entertainments and sporting events

These things make great gifts. It can make you a hero in the eyes of your client if you provide tickets that are scarce for the show or event.

  • Fruit basket

They make a wonderful gift as they contain natural things that almost all people like to eat irrespective of class. You can offer it to anyone including to your peon to make him feel special, and sympathy fruit baskets make your image big in the eyes of the recipient.

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