Defensive Driving Tips Every Driver Should Know

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Often traffic management officials in Sydney remind vehicle owners and drivers to practice defensive driving to save their lives from the dangers of the roads; however, unfortunately, only a few people really understands what the word “defensive” means.

Defensive Drive: What You Should Know

Technically, defensive driving means operating a vehicle responsibly by avoiding committing or causing road accidents in order to save lives, time, and money. It is likewise defined by some as a form of driving that goes beyond learning and mastering implemented traffic rules and aims to alleviate the risks of driving by anticipating dangerous traffic situations.

Common qualities of defensive drivers include being attentive, alert, and focused on the road and their driving. These qualities are rarely observed in aggressive and reckless drivers as they tend to speed, drive under the influence, text, and basically care less about other people when driving. These drivers also tend to violate traffic rules, which make them prone to committing traffic accidents.

Steps That Will Make You A Good Defensive Driver

Each day, traffic accidents happen in different parts of Australia, especially in densely populated and urbanized areas like Sydney. There are different causes of accidents in the country, which is why it is best that you know how to avoid getting involved in one. You can be miles away from disaster if you know how to practice defensive driving.

You may be considered a defensive driver by following these tips:

  • Keep your focus on the road –You must also never fail to follow the traffic rules as they are implemented to protect your own and other motorists’ safety. Also, do not be a distracted driver. Don’t be distracted with your cell phone, music player, passenger/s, or any other subjects so you can keep your focus on the road, making you less vulnerable to accidents. More importantly, if you’re hauling a diesel trailer, it is imperative that you pay extra attention to traffic to avoid any accident.
  • Drive your best – Drive sober and alert. Never think about driving while under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs as you may end up getting involved in a freak car accident. You would not also want to drive while sleepy as you would be endangering yourself and other people. Intoxication and fatigue do not combine well with driving. If you really need to drink, make sure you have someone who will drive you to your destination. In case you are feeling sleepy, pull over on a safe spot and take rest for some time.
  • Mind other drivers – In order to become a safer and more defensive driver, you must always be observant of other motorists. Even though you are following all the traffic rules and practicing all necessary safety measures, you can still be involved in an accident as there are other drivers who care less about traffic safety. Hence, you should learn how to be observant of other drivers for you to have an ample time to react to dangers on the road.
  • Keep your vehicle in best shape – Make sure that your car is in good working condition and is road-worthy. Check your car’s brakes, headlights, signal lights, windshield, tyres, wheels, oil, and other important parts and elements. If you’re always traveling with a diesel trailer, it is likewise important to check if it is road-worthy to ensure that it will not cause any troubles while you’re on the road.

Being a defensive driver may not be easy, but what you can do is to take it as a challenge. Challenge yourself to become a safer and wiser driver for your safety’s sake.

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