Explore the spiritual destinations of Bhopal

spiritual destinations of Bhopal

Bhopal which is also popular as the city of lakes is a very popular tourist city, the city is full of majestic places, artistic infrastructure, splendid lakes, gorgeous spiritual destinations and some tranquil and beautiful natural spots.

Once you begin to explore the city, you will find yourself clocked with thrill, style, charm, beauty, enlightenment and much more. This city of Nawabs will surely win your heart. Just carry out a tour and witness this extensiveness yourself! You can book your rooms in hotels in Bhopal with rates for your comfortable stayover.

Moti Masjid

Moti Masjid is also known as the Pearl Mosque. It is because of its sparkling white marbled floor. It was raised in the year eighteen sixty under the rule of Sikander Jehan Begum who was one of the extreme unconventional women in the history of this city.

She worked hard towards the development of this city by creatingnumerous monuments, roads and bridges. This specific grand mosque stands as an indication of her incredible efforts with the celebrated chapter of history of Bhopal. Moti Masjid which is a 19th century ancient mosquestands unbelievably tall in cheery brick red colour mingled with the white marbled edifice that is capped by two little cupolas. This place is indeed a very spiritual and artistic one! Perhaps that is the reason tourists visit this place in a huge number.

Bhojpur Temple

Bhojpur Temple which is also called ‘Bhojeshwar Temple’ was raised in the eleventh century AD during the realm of Raja Bhoj. This temple is dedicated to lord Shiva and it is located in the mid of the archeologically vital site of Bhojpur, only twenty-eight kilometres from Bhopal.

The religious significance of this old shrine is very extreme and it is frequently called the Somnath of East. Pilgrims visit this place from different corners of the country. The Shivlinga at this temple is the largest stone structure in the world and it is handsomely carved from a single rock. The atmosphere here and in its surroundings, is very pleasing, soothing and divine.


This Masjid is located on the shores of primitive MotiaTalaab in Bhopal. Taj-ul-Masjid is one of the chief charms in the city. It is an important site of spiritual tourism for the Muslims who visit here from distant corners of the nation and the world.

This place is often being referred to as Crown of the Mosques and it is one of the largest mosques in India. It possesses a capacity to house 175,000 individuals at a time. The splendid substantial size and wonderful design of this place also makes it one of the most renowned mosques in the whole world. The complete structure of this mosque is extremely enchanting and inventive. The Masjid is extremely gorgeous and its façades are ornamented with generously carved pillars, intensely engraved archways and subtle jali work reminiscent of the Mughal era.

Thus, whether you are a traveling buff, spiritual enthusiast or passionate shutterbug, you can grab a lot from this city of lakes. Just check out Bhopal hotels rates, book your rooms and carry out a worth taking trip to Bhopal.

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