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Vitamin and be benefited

Vitamins are essential to keep up the healthy metabolism in our body. Where different vitamins are required for carrying out different functions, vitamin b12 becomes an essential vitamin which acts as an energy vitamin for the body.

It is one of those vitamins which are essential for the smooth running of the metabolism of the body and without which the metabolism would be disturbed. Though through a healthy diet it is considered that all the essential nutrients as well as vitamins are obtained, this vitamin is obtained through a planned diet involving consumption of animal products. It has been frequently observed that people who don’t consume animal products such as eggs, meat, shellfish, etc. have a deficit of this vitamin in their body.

It occurs naturally in animal products and hence becomes an easy source for extraction. Its necessity is easily fulfilled by non-vegetarians but people dependent largely on plant diet such as vegetarians and vegans have to look for alternate sources for its consumption. They depend on different supplements such as breakfast cereals and grains to fulfill the need. Despite the consumption of supplements the demand of vitamin B-12 in 80% of the people not consuming animal product is not met.

Vitamin b12 provides many benefits; it helps in the generation of DNA, development of healthy immune system as well as brain functions. It also assists in healthy running of metabolism by the continuous production of nerve and blood cells. Though in a healthy person extra enthusiasm, energy and efficiency in work can be seen but a person with deficit of this vitamin suffers from exhaustion, rapid heartbeat and inability to perform given tasks properly.

The effects due to the deficiency of this vitamin may vary from age to age. Stomach acid is a key substrate for B-12 absorption and it has been observed that as you age the body starts producing less acid.  This becomes a concern as people above the age of 50 years commonly suffers because of this deficiency.

Its deficiency can also be caused due to other factors despite keeping a healthy diet. These may involve surgery of the stomach such as weight loss surgeries, regular alcohol consumption or immune system disorders.

Despite doing everything right and keeping a planned and nutritious diet, a person could still suffer from its deficiency and the symptoms could be easily observed.

These symptoms may involve:

  1. Depression, sudden behavioral changes or memory loss
  2. Early exhaustion
  3. Weakness and pain in different parts of the body
  4. Stomach infections such as diarrhea and loss of appetite
  5. Poor vision
  6. Dullness of skin
  7. Decrease in the immunity level

These symptoms can be easily identified by a person and progressive steps to cure the deficiency can be taken. Now days, for vegans and vegetarians vitamin injections are also provided which easily cure the deficiency that may not be fulfilled by the consumption of supplements. Apart from this, people consuming animal products can directly obtain it by eating meat, sea food, eggs and dairy products and cure its deficiency.

This is a very essential vitamin required by our body for healthy working and performing day to day tasks. More information regarding Vitamin B-12 can be obtained from .

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