Handful words in Hindi with no English Translation

Handful words in Hindi with no English Translation


Though English maybe a very useful and fruitful language of all time, there are some places wherein the mighty language falls short to crack a suitable word as replacement. There are some words which actually have no English meaning. What are those words? Let us take a look over these words which can be translate English to Hindi

The words with no actual English version of it are

  1. Patla

Patla is a sort of a mid-sized tool which is used by the people as a replacement of bigger chairs as a replacement to fulfil the purpose. It is a sort of household plastic kitchen product

  1. Mawaali

The word mawaali is explained to describe an individual who is having an indecent attitude and roadside behavior with everyone they encounter. Precisely the word identifies a person who is beneath a standard class or an individual who grew roadside accompanied with an attitude not acceptable on a larger scale.

  1. Pakora

Pakora is nothing but a word which is used for a food dish. The food dish is a used a light eatery, which can be explained as a piece of meat or vegetable, which is seasoned or coated in processed batter before deep-fried.

  1. Patla

When a solution is thinned or thins, it is called Patla. One form of solution is augmented with the other in order to get the solution and make it weaker in its characteristics. Normally when the Indians are making some liquid product which is much thick as expected. Hence any liquid product is added to make it thinner. Seen especially at a tea stall or at hotel while preparing tea or dal.

  1. Paintrey

The word paintrey is a set of action to get twisted and tricky things done. Normally the word explains the attempt to get the job done. On a larger scale of observation it is seen as tricks done in front of parents or wherein the work can get struck in the mid. So in order to get around things in another way but get it done however, under any circumstances is known as paintrey.

  1. Angithi

An Angithi is a utensil which is used to cook food for a special occasion. Seen and used extensively in remote areas of villages in India and South India. It is a utensil made from a different kind of metal and coated with crushed coal.

  1. Girmtiya

The word Girmitiya is a class of laborer. To be precise they are hard laborers. This can be further explained by breaking the words into two parts, Gir-Mitiya. The first part explains that the workers are habituated to move from one place to another for work. The later part of the word explains the class of the worker.

  1. Dhamaal

The word dhamaal is an expression when someone is explaining how rocking the event was. Or in places when someone wants to express how wonderful the happening, occasion was.


Whenever an individual encounters any word which is difficult to understand, people just try to Google it, but the above mentioned are a handful of words which have no English translation

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