Home remedies which help to improve digestion in babies

Home remedies which help to improve digestion in babies

Motherhood presents numerous challenges especially when it comes to dealing with health of a new born baby. In case if you are worried about health of your baby some home remedies will help you to deal with digestion during pregnancy.

Young babies do not have a developed digestive system making with prone to digestive issues. Meds for pregnancy digestion provides temporary relief. If a baby churns in digestive problems it is evident babies face indigestive problems. There are a series of home remedies that helps you deal with digestive issues

Warm compression

To get rid of gas in baby’s warm compression is an effective remedy proving a soothing and calm effect. Just you need a bowl of warm water with a towel. Squeeze in the towel on to the water and it has to be placed on the tummy of the baby for a couple of minutes. A couple of times this task can be undertaken to reduce symptoms of your baby.

Burping correctly

During bottle feeding or breastfeeding a baby rakes in a lot of air. This trapped air can lead to bloating making baby uneasy and uncomfortable. A best remedial action in this regard would be to burp the baby once feeding is done. Just hold your position in a comfortable position. Once you stroke the baby you can make them lay down on to the tummy.

Breast milk

Once again digestive system of babies is not developed and till 6 months of age breast milk is ideal for a new born baby. Doctors advise mothers to exclusively breastfeed babies till they are at 6 months of threshold. While breastfeeding not only babies are supplied with the essential nutrients but for the digestion of your baby immense benefits also accrue.

A small change in your position can do wonders in terms of acid influx. If your baby is facing issues of constant throw up chances are evident they are facing from acid influx. When you are feeding your baby they need to be at an upright position. If you hold your baby for half an hour at an upright position this can help you deal with the problem of acid influx. Digestion medicine during pregnancy could be a remedial measure at this point of time.


Yoghurt is incorporated with good bacteria that are of immense importance to the health of your baby. Constipation or any digestive issues can be dealt on consumption of yoghurt. Just take a few spoons of yoghurt and then dilute it with water. Till the babies feel better feed them for a couple of days. For a woman who is less than 6 months of age it is not recommended to give them yoghurt. Before planning to give yoghurt to your baby have a discussion with your doctor.


A perfect opportunity of developing muscles and bones of your baby and helps to combat digestion related symptoms. Catch hold of a good oil and massage stomach of your baby as considerable relief is expected.

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