How To Tell If Your Property Is Pest Infested

Pest infestations are serious situations. Once an infestation has occurred, it can be challenging to rectify. One of the main disadvantages that you might face in trying to fight an infestation is recognising that one has occurred in the first place. The presence of some pests can be notoriously hard to notice. In these cases, you will only notice that there is a problem when it is almost too late, and some damage has already occurred. It is, therefore,imperative to learn how to identify infestations so that you can have a fighting chance.

Pests can gain access to your property through any number of ways. They can take advantage of adverse conditions that have been overlooked or fallen into disrepair. Mosquitoes, for example, can thrive in a puddle that is left undrained while rats take advantage of small holes and cracks on walls and kitchen cabinets to gain access into the home. Once the pests have managed to find places within the property in which to create nests, it is very easy for them to overrun the place.

While it has been said that it can be difficult to tell that there is an infestation, there are still some signs that you can look for  your property may be pest infested if you:

See Droppings

Pests will always make a mess in the areas that they occupy. One of the most common messes is droppings. Insects and rodents alike will leave droppings everywhere. It is up to you to know how to identify these droppings. They will often be noticeable in the places that are most prone to drawing pest habitats. Keep in mind that while rat droppings are small, insect droppings are smaller, so your eye must be sharp to catch them.

Notice Holes or Nests

Some nests will be large and easily identifiable. In other cases, like those of termites, they may not be so easy to find. Termites are boring creatures. They prefer to be underground. The best way, therefore, to identify a termite infestation is to look out for distinct maze-like structures on walls and holes on wooden household components.

Notice Strange Smells

Strange smells around the property will sometimes signal infestations. Musty smells will often indicate that birds have set up a nest somewhere while rats will generate a strong smell that is not unlike urine. Sometimes, pests will perish within the property or even inside the walls. Here, their decomposing carcases will give off strong unpleasant odours that will alert you to their presence.

See Tracks

Pests have been observed to create preferred routes between their food sources and their nests. These routes can be seen as greasy tracks or simply trails of dirt. Finding these tracks can give you a general direction of where the pests are hiding, making extermination relatively easier.

When you have established confirmation that you have an infestation, you must not hesitate to take action. Even if you are still unsure, you must contact a pest management professional for a more thorough inspection. It is only in this way that you can ensure that the proper pest control assessments have been carried out and that all extermination measures are safe and effective in the way that they are carried out.

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