Knowing the Benefits of Stanozolol

how to use stanozolol injections

It is an anabolic steroid sold by pharmacists in two versions as winstrol which can be consumed orally and winstrol depot which was injectable. This drug was found to be of very effective as it could bypass the liver and directly enter the blood stream and show the desired effect.The popularity of this drug rose because it is one of the milder drugs in the category of anabolic steroids which has been used by men and women all over the world. Know how to use stanozolol injections.

Medical use of stanozolol

The medical field has found a variety of uses for this drug and it was a kind of boon to the medical field.

  • In treating malnourished adults
  • In chronic diseases
  • Post menopausal osteoporosis
  • To treat pituitary dwarfism
  • Gastrointestinal disorders
  • Post surgical infections
  • Endocrine deficiencies
  • It was used to cure the swelling of the throat and face.

And many more, this was a wonder drug at that time.

Side effects of stanozolol

  • It is causes female virility.
  • Enlargement of the clitoris.
  • Deepening of the vocal chords and body hair growth.
  • Lowering your good cholesterol and increasing your bad cholesterol.
  • There would be loss of libido.
  • Oral consumption is toxic to the liver.
  • The injectables are very painful and swelling and rashes on the injected site are seen.


  • It does not have estrogenic effects on men such as enlargement of the breast tissues.
  • The muscle growth is good and there is no water retention unlike other steroids
  • It does not cause bloating, which is another benefit of using stanozolol.
  • The usage doesn’t give you a bulky appearance but a lean physique.
  • This benefit is very good for athletes as their endurance is increased because of this steroid.
  • There is simultaneous increase in speed, agility and power.
  • You can stack it with other steroids to get even better results.
  • They are found both in injectables and tablets, but it has been observed that injectables give better results.
  • Compared to other steroids it has fewer side effects as it is the mildest of the lot.

Since there is no breakdown in there is no break down in the liver, here is more bio availability o this drug in the blood stream hence more effective.

Over the years body building and steroids have known to co exist with the most popular one being the anabolic steroids. These steroids are known to be made of synthetic compounds that are structurally similar to testosterone. They have been beneficial in improving protein synthesis thereby by increasing muscle mass.

Knowing how to use stanozolol injections is important. The best part of stanozolol is that the injectable liquid can be consumed orally too. The dosage levels for oral and injectables are same. But injectables reduce the liver damage. It is most beneficial during the cutting phase to make the muscles harder. It should be noted that that stanozolol should not be used in the bulking phase as it would dry the joints and the excessive workouts would damage and cause pain.

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