How To Make Practical Geometry Easy For Your Child In Class 8th

Class 8th presents new challenges in terms of mathematics. The students are required to learn new concepts in multiple chapters. But one chapter that presents most difficulty for many kids is the practical geometry. However, with the correct approach, the chapter can become easy for the student.

Class 8 Math

The roles of parents and the tutor are important here. As a parent, you need to provide best channels for your kid in order to learn the Class 8 Maths Ch-4 Practical Geometry effectively. But the job doesn’t end there.

Here are a few valuable tips through which you can help your kid’s ability to understand the practical geometry.

  1. Correlate the topic with everyday life

The best way to make the geometry simple is to connect it with the everyday life. You can create the relevance between the topic and the daily needs in order to make the geometry simpler. Different things around the house can help you create very good examples. You can use the cupboards, stacking containers and other stuff to talk shapes and their geometry. The three-dimensional approach will provide better knowledge of geometry to your kid.

  1. Play mathematical games together

There are multiple ways to make geometry interesting for your kid. Many games are available in the market as well as online and allow the students to learn. You need to find the level of a game that resembles with the class 8th geometry. When you indulge in such activities with your kid the interest boosts and the child starts involving in geometrical problems better. The problems in the chapter start making sense to the child.

  1. Ask your child to explain the problems

The problems that your child has solved in school need revision. And you can help with the revision as well. You should ask your kid explain the solved problems to you. See if he or she is able to comfortably explain the problems. If not, then, you should help them understand the problem and ask for the explanation again. Regular practice like this will definitely help your kid to become a master of practical geometry.

  1. Solve questions together

If you have knowledge of practical geometry, go through the chapter once. Then, you can solve the problems together with your kid. Explain the introduction of the chapter and provide the importance of the topic. Solving problems of the chapter together will allow your kid to immediately ask the queries and complete the chapter with perfection.

No need to worry if you don’t have a good idea of the geometry. Simply, provide an online tutor for your kid who provides live conversations. This will help the kid to ask the questions and prepare the chapter effectively. Also, the kid can get the NCERT Solutions for Class 8th Chapter 4 online.

So, these are the tips for you to make practical geometry easy for your kid. Use the tricks and ensure that the chapter doesn’t haunt your child during the session.


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