I need help with my homework- Few suggestions for you

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I need help with my homeworkMom; please suggest what should I do to complete it accurately?’ Have you ever said this to your parents or elders? Almost all students wish to receive suggestions from their elders as they have a feeling that only their seniors can assist in better learning. Parents do not have to sit beside their kids for long hours in order to get their work done. Motivation and suggestion are all you need to do your homework faster.

Here you will learn about some major suggestions that most students get from their elders whenever they say ‘I need help with my homework.’ Hopefully, such ideas will enable you to learn properly and submit correct solutions to your teachers.

Suggestions that will help you to do homework with ease:

  • Organize a homework- friendly area

This is one of the essential as well as common suggestions most elders give to the students for doing their work comfortably. Until and unless the study area is perfect, you won’t be able to concentrate on your work.

For organizing your study room properly, you must well- lit the area and also keep all your study books, pens, paper, rough copy, glue, scissors within your reach.

  • Remove all distractions

Well, you must be aware of a fact that focusing on your assignment or homework becomes difficult if the study room or area is full of distracting elements. So, if you are planning to submit an error- free homework and receive loads of appreciation from your teacher, then another thing you must do is remove all sort of distractions.

Will you be able to evaluate a word problem of theunitary method if your younger sister watches TV with high volume? Of course, not! In the same manner, if your mobile phone continues to buzz for incoming chats and promotional messages, you won’t be able to learn efficiently. So, before starting your homework, you must switch off your mobile, TV, FM radios (if any), etc.

  • Follow the class notes

Often you will see your parents instructing you to pen down thorough notes of whatever the teacher is teaching in the class. You might feel that your mom or dad is increasing your stress and pressure. But, your thinking is actually wrong!

If you jot down all essential points about one topic, then it will be easier for you to revise as well as understand it when you return home. Your parents and tutor might not be available all time for guiding you. But, does that mean you will stop doing your studies and keep on nagging ‘I need help with my homework?’ If you do so, then that is not at all a wise decision. This is the time when you will need the help of your class notes. Go through whatever your teacher has taught you, and you will surely get an idea about what to write and what not.

  • Break down your work

It is not mandatory that you have to complete homework of all subjects in a single go. If ever you shout ‘I need help with my homework,’ then surely elders will suggest segregating your work according to your preference. For example- if you are a science lover, then it is better to do homework of this subject at first. By doing so, you will be able to stay positive and also feel motivated to do homework of all the remaining subjects.

It will help you to hold equal interestin all subjects and homework will not be a complicated task anymore.

So, if you are planning to seek better grades from now onwards, then it is better to follow the suggestions of your elders instead of shouting ‘I need help with my homework.’


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