Online classes for board examinations


Make your preparation for board exams digital by enrolling in for the virtual classes for different boards such as CBSE, IB and IGCSE. The students, who wish to experience first-hand learning on the digital platform, can enrol in for a trial class of 60 minutes prior to deciding on whether or not to join the classes. There is a multitude of options before the students such as chapter wise tuition classes, revision classes and regular monthly tuition classes.

Chapter Wise Tuitions

Chapter Wise tuitions are highly beneficial for those students who are facing difficulties in grasping specific topics in any subject matter. The online chapter wise tuitions enable the student to identify all the problem areas of the chapter in order to rectify them. For example, if a student is having problems with the chapter surface areas and volumes class 10 CBSE maths, he/she can enrol in a comprehensive course, lasting 120 minutes, which covers all the aspects of this topic such as surface area of a combination of solids, volume of a combination of solids, frustum of a cone, etc. The chapters are in accordance with course books such as ncert surface areas and volumes  so that there is no confusion in the minds of the students.

Monthly Tuitions

The students can also opt for regular monthly tuitions to supplement what is taught to them in the school. Subject wise monthly tuitions are available for the students of class 6th to 12th studying in CBSE, IGCSE and IB affiliated schools. The time slot allotted to each subject per month is 10-16 hours. The study material and the course of study are always in accordance with the concerned board.

The study sessions are held in batches with each batch consisting of not more than 7 students at a time. The students can also choose to go in for one on one private tuitions. Private tuitions enable the student to learn according to his/her own requirements.

Revision classes

Revision courses for every subject are available for the students to run through all the topics studied in the entire academic session and brush up all the concepts and questions likely to be asked in the examination. The revision courses are of short durations of few hours but extremely thorough and informative.

Revising all the coursework is imperative in order to score good marks in the examination and online revision courses help in doing just that in a professional and innovative manner.

What is the process?

The entire process is digital and without any hassles. The student just needs to pick up his/her board, class and subject for which coaching is required. This is followed by selecting the type of classes such as revision course, regular monthly classes and chapter wise tuitions.

Selection of available batches and slots is the next process to be completed by the student. The batches are filled up quickly so the student needs to be swift in enrolling in a batch.

The classes are conducted in the online mode, therefore, the student needs to use a headphone and a mic for the classes.

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