How Online Counselling is assisting people with Anger issues in Australia

People all over Australia are increasingly looking to online counselling services and web based counselling for therapeutic support and help with issues such as anger and aggression.

Here at we are using acceptance and commitment therapy to work with clients all over Australia impacted by anger and aggression issues.

We show clients several strategies they can use to defuse the power of angry thoughts, so they do not translate to aggression or acting out. The first step in working with anger is to acknowledge that having angry thoughts is entirely natural. We all have them. They key is to be able to acknowledge and accept the angry thoughts, so they do not take over our lives and stop us from living a rich, full and meaningful life.

How do we stop angry thoughts from making us an angry person?

This is how we at are using online counselling services conducted with SKYPE to help clients with anger issues:

Acceptance of anger is a large part of managing angry thoughts. We show clients how struggling with anger actually makes it worse. By actually making space for anger and giving it some room to breathe lessens its impact.

  • The first step to acceptance is to acknowledge anger. If we don’t recognise it or acknowledge anger, we will never know what is behind the anger. So, whenever an angry thought arises just say ‘hello angry thought’.
  • The second step is to accept the situation. Our mind tries to be helpful by saying ‘you deserve better’ or ‘you shouldn’t be treated this way’. That is our mind trying to be helpful, but its not really. So if someone does us harm, our mind will often have a thought saying “that jerk, he is going to get it”. So we can say to ourselves “I am having this thought that this guy that did something to me is a jerk and they shouldn’t have do what they did”.
  • The third step is to identify the underlying pain – anger is like a coat of armour – it wants to shield us from some underlying hurt or pain. Sometimes we don’t want to admit it, but it is often there. This coat of armour also drags us down and stops us from being the person we were meant to be.
  • Step 4 is to respond with forgiveness and compassion to both ourselves and those around us.

Many people caught up in the anger cycle come to believe that anger is strength, here at we work with clients to show them that acceptance of angry thoughts takes courage and strength. It can also be uncomfortable to experience anger, fear, insecurity and hurt. It takes times, but once clients learn to stop struggling with these thoughts and feelings they learn they can be free of the coat of armour that was dragging them down.

Online Counselling is effective in working with clients impacted by angry thoughts and aggression and using acceptance and commitment therapy to achieve reductions in psychological distress. For more information please refer to our web site at or contact us at

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