How does the process of donating sperm work via the online route?

donating sperm

Donation of sperm via the online route is a more difficult process rather than donating at a sperm bank. In the event of you planning to donate your sperm to a single mother or a couple you can rely on websites who advertise on the same. You can respond to prospective advertisements and convey to them the services which you offer. In case if you do not want your identify to be out in the open to the parents, then you need to avail the services of a third party. This can be done by donating your sperm at a clinic where the mother will visit to be inseminated with your semen.

Donating and receiving of sperm through the online platform, is the best bet in terms of cost as the charges of the sperm bank can be surprising. There are some websites where you can go on to find the donor for free and you will get a chance to know the donor as well. This most of the sperm banks will not allow you to.

Requirements of sperm donation

Before you decide to donate sperm, there are certain requirements which you need to adhere to. If you have not had a child before, then it is advisable that you take fertility tests to determine whether a woman can be pregnant. At the same time, it is also suggested that you get a test undertaken of sexually transmitted diseases or not. All these results can be handed over to the mother to give her complete peace of mind and it is very well possible that the parents would want to ask some questions to you and some of them are part of sperm bank Navi Mumbai

Most people choose to donate sperm as they normally want to help a couple or a single mother to conceive. The mere knowledge that they are giving a new life and bring a smile on the face of would be parents drive them to the noble cause. Another reason is that some individuals want a carefree life and do not want to bear the responsibility of kids, they want to earn some quick cash and this drives them to donation of sperm. You are bound to get paid handsomely in this noble cause.

What were the reasons for you to donate sperm?

The best method on choosing the sperm donor is to gather as much as possible information about the donor. Most of the sperm banks arrange a forum where the donors along with the parents have a one on one session and in some cases private messages are part of the forum before actually meeting.

What is the amount of information which a sperm donor should reveal?

The simple answer is as much as possible! Whether it is an anonymous sperm donor or a known sperm donor the perspective donors have the full right to know the medical history of the donor along with his family. The parents would also want to have an idea about the personality, physical characteristics, and the values along with beliefs.

The top sperm banks in navi Mumbai have made it clear that the donor does not have any legal right when the child is born. It is the onus of the parent to bring up the child.

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