Is Rank Brain SEO’s friend or enemy?

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Google has clearly understood the significance of title tags, Meta descriptions, domain ages, backlinks and keywords to sort as well as rank websites. Trying to recognize such patterns does require collecting data to learn, something that humans are not capable of, like that of machines, which can even figure out the meaning. Hence, it becomes essential for both people and computers to work together for performing complicate procedure of gathering information and to analyse what lies beneath the search engine results. Fusing the two is sure to provide great results.

This is where RankBrain, the artificial intelligence, machine learning of Google comes into play. It is capable to process huge fraction every day of search results. Besides gathering data, it also views the patterns present.

What is the RankBrain all about?

Even with the introduction of RankBrain, the importance of PageRank still exists. It is rather considered to be a bigger part of algorithm to conduct search queries, to interpret what is being searched by the users and figure out the different ways to submit the request. For example, even couple of years ago, Google along with other search engines had tough time to locate pages to match the exact pattern. But now, Google’s algorithm is able to understand the pattern much better, thus enabling it to do better job to recognize the relationship existing between words, its meaning, the concepts referred to and why they are strung together for making that search term. This understanding is only deepened by RankBrain.

Artificial intelligence is used for embedding written language in huge amounts into mathematical entities known as vectors, to be better understood by the computer. If an unfamiliar phrase or word is noticed by RankBrain, then guesses can be made by the machine. It can find similar meaning of the phrases and words and filter accordingly the results, thereby making it much more effective to handle those never before searched queries.

Is it reliable or another dangerous element to be avoided by SEO professionals?

RankBrain is not to be considered as sentient. It is fed with historical searches along with their searches in volumes and this information is extrapolated for making future search predictions. It can be compared to a student practicing SAT for scoring well in the real exam. RankBrain has indeed proven its scoring capability. According to Google’s search engineers, RankBrain had 80% accuracy to guess which sites ranked at the top.

Google found out turning off RankBrain can be damaging to users like that of missing out on serving on Wikipedia, half the pages.

What does it do to SEO?

RankBrain is considered to be among the 3rd most signal contributing towards search query result and hence, it does affect SEO. Rather, SEO has been by pulling in relevant search factors. Previously, any local grocery store might not have got that ranking in local results pages. But now, there are chances of earning the top slot, due to the intuition of RankBrain.

The reputed seo services in London do have knowledge of the latest introductions being made in this field and do make good use of it to help their clients to get better ranking of their sites.

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