Why talking to your Doctor is important pre-Lasik?

Doctor is important pre-Lasik

Eye doctors are just perfect to spark a healthy conversation concerning LASIK however, if one is to better understand about the procedure, taking notes is the best way during discussion. Your personal eye doctor is likely to be more familiar with the unique eye conditions and history of vision ailments (if any). While not all doctors would want to initial the conversation about Lasik in Abu Dhabi, don’t let this keep you from raising the subject.

Besides, it’s only the eye doctor who can recommend the most trusted surgeon to perform the eye surgery so you should be comfortable with the referral. A typical optometrist is familiar with local surgeons and their reputation thereby is able to suggest the best possible surgeon and facilities from where to have your Lasik in Abu Dhabi.

How to get an eye doctor work in coalition with the ophthalmologist

The initial communication between the eye doctor and surgeon is the first step in a team-based LASIK procedure which is also known as LASIK co-management. Although a regular eye doctor won’t perform the surgery, he can surely help you evaluate whether LASIK is right for you or not whereby assisting in creation of a vision-treatment plan.

When a laser eye surgery case is co-managed, the eye doctor generally supervises you throughout the pre and post-operative eye care visits. Which means discussing things with the doctor is always good to know the expected outcome and evaluate certain risks of the eye surgery.

No doubt, Lasik in Abu Dhabi can best treat near-sightedness, astigmatism and farsightedness while significantly reduces the need for glasses and contact lenses, the procedure doesn’t guarantee 100-percent about the need of vision aids anytime soon.

What to expect from the eye doctor

The optometrist would check thickness of the cornea, the corneal curvature, eye glass prescription and overall corneal health before suggesting or performing any surgical procedure be it invasive or non-invasive.

The optometrist would also query patients as to why they wish having their LASIK as well as share possible outcomes of the procedure which differs per the patient based on various medical conditions. All of this helps the doctor to determine if one’s indeed a good candidate for laser eye surgery!

Once the doctor determines if the patient is actually suitable for LASIK or any other laser eye surgery, they can refer the patient to the concerned surgeon and share test results with the operating faculty. The patient would then schedule an appointment at the laser centre to complete the testing before beginning with the LASIK.

When LASIK eye surgeon co-manages the surgery with the relevant doctor, patient is then shifted to the doctor’s facility for post-operative care and this is mostly preferred by many for better care which at times isn’t possible at home.


It must be noted that not all eye centres providing LASIK in Abu Dhabi co-manage with the doctor. The only solution here is keeping the doctor updated with the details and have him get in touch with the surgeon at-least once pre-procedure.

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