Test of Efficiency: Microwave Ovens vs. Conventional Electric Ovens

Test of Efficiency

Invention of ovens has drastically changed the cooking scene in the Indian kitchens and has made the cooking process less tiresome and hassle free. Ovens are finding their place in every household because of the ease of application they provide. You just need to toss the required ingredients into the oven and sit back and wait for the food to get cooked. However it is very important to search for an oven that perfectly suits your requirements or else you will not be able to reap any benefits out of the purchase. There are two completely distinct types of ovens available in the market, one among them is the microwave oven and the other is the conventional electric oven. It is very easy to get puzzled between the two and not being able to decide which one to buy.

However a lot of activities can be done in both of these ovens but there are some things that can be done properly only in either one of them so this is why it is significant to completely understand the working of both to find out basic difference between the two to make the right purchase.

How do conventional electric ovens work?

The conventional ovens have metallic elements fitted at the top and the bottom. It is through these metallic elements that the current flows when the oven is switched on which lead to heating up of these elements which results in the cooking of food. Some of the conventional ovens come equipped with a thermostat which performs the function of adjusting the current flowing in these elements to keep an eye on the temperature. Some ovens even come with fans that help in the even distribution of heat in order to give better cooking results. These types of ovens which are equipped with fans are considered much more efficient as compared to the other conventional ovens.

A regular conventional oven is approximately between 1000 and 2000 watts. The amount of energy consumed by these ovens depend on what temperature has been set in the thermostat and the size of the oven, the bigger the oven the greater amount of electricity it will consume and vice versa.

How do microwave ovens work?

Microwave ovens generate electromagnetic waves as soon as the oven is switched on and these waves heat up the food tossed in the oven. These ovens are more efficient and consume less energy as compared to the conventional ovens. The major difference between the two ovens is that in the microwave ovens the entire space does not heat up like the conventional ovens and only the waves are used to directly heat up the food. Microwave ovens price in India are approximately between 500-1000 watts. The food is cooked faster in a microwave as compared to a conventional oven because the waves are directly concentrated to heat up the food and the entire oven need not to be heated up before the food starts to heat up.

Which type of food should be cooked in which type of oven?

After finding about the working of both the ovens, you now know that both of them can be used for heating but have different purposes. A conventional oven can be used when cooking requires baking or browning the food. On the other hand, a microwave do not bake or brown the food as properly as a conventional oven but is very useful in re-heating, roasting and all other kinds of cooking.

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