Things one must know before considering a candidate for aptitude test

aptitude test for recruitment

If the job requirements match the abilities and the competencies of the candidate, it could be expected to be the beginning of employee relationship management. These assessment tests could be an integral part of forming a great relationship between the employee and the employer. This framework could be further put to use to analyse the measurement criterion of the employee’s performance in the future and the improvement areas. Just as the job description lets the candidate know that what all would be required to perform in the job, likewise, a personality assessment could let the employers know that what all could be expected out of candidates.

Before considering a candidate for an aptitude test, the hiring manger must consider the following:

  1. The hiring manager could let the candidate know about the process of selection. That includes the following
    1. Receiving resumes and screening through them.
    2. Having the tests conducted remotely.
    3. Getting the interview done through telephone or Skype
    4. Evaluation through the in-person interviews and reference and background checks.
    5. And finally negotiation and offer letter roll out.
  2. The kind of tests would a candidate be appearing and the kind of exam software would be used. Such as psychometric tests or logical reasoning tests of mechanical aptitude tests etc.
  3. The job location and the work profile etc. must be discussed with the candidate before the exam.
  4. Apart from the factors listed above, the employer must also let the candidate know about the viability of these tests so that the candidate doesn’t take these lightly.
  5. Also the hiring manager must consider if the personality assessment or any other assessment of the candidate is actually required or not. This would again help save time and resources.
  6. Before having the test conducted, the hiring manager must also establish the cut-off scores and let everyone know about them. In case of large number of candidates, the cut off score could play a vital role but then the exam software should be made effective enough to calculate the scores and let the hiring manager know about the suitable candidates.

While minimum scores clearly depict the ability of the candidates, and reduces the risk of bad hires, the higher cut off score means a larger pool of candidates and a better choice and lot of options for the hiring manager to choose from. So the takeaway is simple, higher the cut-off score higher are the chances of finding the best candidates available out there. There is a number of exam software available for the hiring managers and they can even purchase the packages depending on their requirement.

But one thing is quite evident, these aptitude tests that employers use as hurdles for the selection of the best candidate must be so designed that it should let the employer know the further training need of the candidate. Just like the interview process is important and lets the hiring manager find out more about the personality of the candidate, similarly these aptitude tests let them know about the cognitive and other abilities of the candidate. The importance of these tests therefore cannot be ignored.


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