Tick Tock! 5 Famous Clock Towers Around the World

Telling time is really not the role of clock towers in the present era. But they still do not fail to attract a crowd. Before the modern era of i Phones and wristwatches, clock towers were constructed high above the ground to let people know what time it was. Presently, these beautiful clock towers around the world have become exemplary landmarks. Starting from as early as the 18th century, clock towers has sundial, which gradually developed into astronomical clock towers and finally landed as turret clock towers. Read on to know about the most famous clock towers around the world.

Tower of the Winds- Athens, Greece

Located in the Roman Agora of Athens, the beautiful Tower of the Winds is an octagonal clock tower constructed using Pentelic marble. As a fact, this the earliest clock tower and is apparently built around 50 BC, though number of sources also affirm that it was constructed in the 2nd century BC. the tower stands 12m high with eight sundials and a water clock inside along with a wind vane. To witness the beauty of this tower, book flights to Athens and create memories.

Big Ben- London, England

Big Ben, also called as the Elizabeth Tower is situated at the Palace of Westminster which is actually one of the most famous landmarks in London and England as well. Considered as the most famous building in Europe, Big Ben was completed in 1858 and is the third-tallest long-established clock tower in the world.

Prague Astronomical Clock Tower- Prague, Czech Republic

Known as the Prague Orloj, the Prague astronomical clock is placed on the southern wall of Old Town City Hall. Ascended in the year 1410, this clock tower is considered as the world’s oldest astronomical clock that is still working fine. Also, the third oldest among all other astronomical clocks, it has a dial that represents different positions of the sun and the moon along with other details. It also has a calendar dial and a hourly showcase of Apostle figures.

Philadelphia City Hall- Philadelphia, United States

Standing as high as 548 feet, the Philadelphia City Hall clock tower was acknowledged with a title of the tallest building in the world between 1901 and 1908. This structure comprises of four famous clocks covering each of its sides. Each clock in the tower measures 26 feet in diameter.

Minneapolis City Hall- Minneapolis, Minnesota

Serving as the main building by the city government of Minneapolis and Hennepin County, the Minneapolis City Hall and Hennepin County Courthouse reside in Minnesota. The tower alleges to have the largest four-faced chiming clock, each with a diameter of 7.5 m. It also has a 15 bell chime that is played at regular intervals. The clock tower is 105 m tall and was known as the tallest construction of the city until 1920.

WOW! We believe you are as fascinated by these clock towers as we are. So don’t wait up! Choose one of these destinations and experience the beauty of these marvelous clocks.

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