Top 5 Elements that Transform Your Corporate Party to an Exhilarating One

Organizing a corporate party that turns out to be an exciting one is important, especially if you want all your employees to enjoy and look forward to the next corporate event. A successful corporate event helps to increase friendship amongst employees and have the zeal to make the workplace a more functional and united environment they can work in for a longer period.

These days, the types of corporate events are unlimited. A few could be karaoke, cookouts, holiday parties or game nights. Such corporate events could have themes around them, or a fun set ups like Chicago Photo Booth Rentals just to make sure that employees unite and try to socialize more. To ensure that a corporate event remains a success, it is important to keep them lighthearted and fun. Here are a top five tips on how you can transform your corporate party to an exciting one in Chicago.

1. A Photo Booth Rental is What Your Corporate Party Needs

Photo booths are great to transform any corporate party to a lighthearted one. When employees attend corporate events, their belief is that it has to be official and everyone must remain restricted. However, a photo booth rental in Chicago helps to break the ice and bring guests together. A photo booth is a photo taking set up or boxed station that has a smart camera with social media capability, and different props. Depending on the company you choose, you can have unlimited photos, digital copies, instant print-outs, and more offers in packages.

To make your event an exciting one, you can have unique props like hats, party poppers, funny masks, ties, eyeglasses, and many other options. Try to be open-hearted and make funny poses to break the ice between your employees and you.

Most companies rent these booths for just a few hours, whereas others prefer to have it for as long as the event lasts. If you decide to rent the booth on an hourly basis, you may have to count the number of guests and calculate the total time. This way, each one of your guests can have enough time to make some poses in front of the camera. Photo booths come in different sizes and shapes. Some are suitable to accommodate two or as much as four people at a time and others can take up to fifteen at a time. Considering the size of the booth is important, especially when the rental company has to deliver it to the venue. If the venue has small hallways or narrow staircases, then you should consider renting a smaller one. For corporate events, it is advisable that you choose bigger booths, so choose a venue accordingly.

2. Choose the Right Venue

The type of venue you choose for the corporate event is vital to its success. There has to be a connection between the cause of the organization, the community it wants to target, and the venue. This means you have to consider every detail of the event, the layout, the space, the convenience of people, and whether your rented photo booth can easily enter the venue or not. Make sure that the venue has enough space to accommodate your guests comfortably. It should also be in a location that is easily accessible for your guests.

3. Create a Positive Environment that is Competitive Too

Everyone loves some competition! You can add some activities to your corporate event like potato bag races, tug-o-wars and have other funny ways of dragging everyone into activities of the event. Such competitive activities force guests to work as a team and work as a team towards achieving a common goal that can be beneficial to the environment.

4. Catering is Important

Catering or setting up food is always an important thing, whether you are hosting a dinner event, breakfast, or lunch. You need to keep drinks, invest in the best food that you can food. Having great food at a corporate event is a talking point for people and one they look forward to remembering. If your budgets are tight, you can consider having some snacks. Keep in mind that when hosting a corporate event, along with fun elements like Chicago photography, and other entertainment options, food matters too!

5. The Event Should Be in a Flow

A special event, whether it is a speech, product inauguration or any corporate theme event must have a well-planned presentation. It should have a beginning, middle and an end to keeping guests hooked on to it. The sequence of the event affects the flow, so pay attention in the order in which you roll out the entertainment elements.

Planning or hosting a corporate party and ensuring it turns out to be an exhilarating one is always in your hands. You have to choose entertainment options wisely, so never rush this process and survey the options around you. If you choose a cheap photo booth rental, be sure to go through their packages and services.

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