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Turner Sports UK is an enterprise that has surpassed a number of challenges since its inception in 2004. It has excelled and conquered many obstacles that came in its way and managed to come out as a winner every time a difficult situation was thrown at it. TurnerMAX boxing gloves are now a force to reckon with at AMAZON and the best boxing gloves by TurnerMAX are competing against many veteran sports organizations. Slowly and steadily it is becoming a prominent brand on eBay as well. The people who work in this prestigious sports corporation are sweating themselves out so that you can have the best quality products that are reliable as well as affordable.

Boxing Gloves by TurnerMAX:

Here I would like to talk about some of their boxing gloves which are categorized in two basic forms: one is leather and the other is non-leather. Leather gloves are expensive compared to the non-leather ones. The two main colours available in leather are black and red. The non-leather gloves are also built to withstand heavy amount of workouts whether you are fighting in the ring or playing on the heavy bag by yourself. Just think of yourself as a supreme boxer once you put on these gloves, which are the best boxing gloves to date, the material and the shape is just perfect to suit every hand given the size you choose is the right size.

Material and Design:

The synthetic material is used in the boxing gloves used for sparring or training on the punch bag. Boxing gloves come in various colours and sizes, 12 oz is the size suited to most of the ladies whereas 16 oz is the universal size of the sparring gloves. The best boxing gloves by Turner Sports UK have many compositions that are sketched on them. Such as the human skull is imprinted on the leather gloves whereas different designs inculcate the non-leather gloves with TurnerMAX written on them in different styles. Even the kids can now enjoy boxing with a suitable punch bag and low ounce pair of boxing gloves. Boxing is now a sport for the whole family which guarantees the fun element as well as the fitness component.

Different Types of Gloves:

These boxing gloves mostly come with Velcro straps compared to the laced-up versions, these straps are easy to tie and untie. The lace-up gloves are usually hard to tie up and require the presence of another person. The boxers these days should definitely try these gloves for once as I am sure they’ll become a fan of them in no time. There is another category of boxing gloves named as the Mexican boxing gloves. These are durable yet attractive in design. They come in two colours: Blue and White. Both these gloves are spacious from inside and give a powerful message because it says “unleash the warrior” on both of them.


Boxing has now become an international phenomenon because men, women and children, all are getting involved in this sport whether to calm down their anger or to get their daily necessary workout. I would suggest the people training to become professional boxers to try these gloves and they won’t be disappointed. The best boxing gloves by this company are getting famous by the day and creeping up the charts that say “top quality” by the night. The reason for their bright future is the amount of hard work being put into the making of these gloves. The ground reality is that the most honourable CEO Mr. Abdul Wahid Rashid is providing his employees with the best of the facilities and accommodating them in the most suitable way which is why they are putting in their best efforts in crafting such high quality products.

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