Two of the Best Instruments for Newbies – Irish Bodhran and Traditional Irish Flute

Music is in a far better place than it used to be some decades ago. Because of the immense popularity music has seen recently, countless new generation and even skilled musicians are looking to learn new instruments all the time. This has provided great opportunities for music instrument sellers to enhance their sales and in the process facilitate enthusiastic learners with good quality new music instruments. Ireland is a music enthusiastic place with heaps of rich tradition in music instruments and the way they play their instruments. There have been many region specific instruments that have developed well in the industry, but according to the belief of many music lovers, none more so that the Irish Bodhran and the Traditional Irish Flute. These two although vary a great deal in their playing and music natures but are probably the biggest contributors in Irish music history.

Irish Bodhran

It is a percussion instrument and is a variation of the traditional drum. The Bodhran is much more compact and portable than many other versions of the Drum. It has only one beatable side that is made up of a thin membrane usually manufactured from either goat or buffalo skin, the membrane is held up tightly on its circular frame, which is very lightweight and is usually about 14 to 18 inches in diameter. This size is very manageable to be carried around. Fitting carry bags can be easily found as well, making their portability even better. Music is produced by beating the membrane with a light stick or in some cases bare hands of the player. The Irish Bodhran also has variable music output that can be altered by using wooden sticks in different numbers and shapes at their backs. This adds or takes away the amount of punch the drum offers. This feature of customizable music effects is liked by many music lovers and many of them have adopted the Bodhran in their music in one way or the other. All these great features have added to the instrument’s popularity and it has now become one of the most important ones in all of Ireland and also most parts of the world as well.

Traditional Irish Flute

Flute has been echoing in the history of music for many centuries with its low pitch calming music. There have been many versions of it developed in many parts of the world. The Traditional Irish Flute is a variation of it like very much by the Irish music lovers. It is a simple device with a simple mechanism where wind is blown in from the mouth of the player and is let out from the various holes in its body that are different in size, angles and shapes. The wind that passes through the holes at high speeds and pressures produces the most calming music that is loved all over the world. There has been many much more advanced versions of the flute where technology has played its part but the Traditional Irish Flute has stayed pretty much the same. It is very lightweight and can be carried around in casual backpacks or even some longer pockets as well. For that high level portability it is not uncommon in Ireland to observe someone playing the instrument at a public place performing for the general public or for their friends and families who might be with them.

Both these instruments have various skill levels for players but both are not very hard to learn even for the beginners. Of course experts will be able to get much better music results and will have much appreciated skills, however the new starters can easily develop basic skills in both and keep on improving them until they become experts of their own. This easiness in playing them has also contributed greatly to their immense popularity as compared to where they were some decades ago. Moreover they are both available at music stores in town centers or high streets and also numerous online sellers sell them over their websites, which has made acquiring them even more easy for many interested people. Just like with any other device or instrument their quality has to be checked before the purchase is made in order to make sure that they produce quality music and last long at the same time.

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