Types of scars and its effect on human

Types of scars

Scars in humans can occur after any physical trauma or as a part of disease process. To say scientifically, in time, some collagen breaks down at the wound sites and the blood supply reduces. The scar gradually becomes smoother, softer and paler but is permanent in nature. Though they can fade over a period of time but after that period, chances are less for the same process to happen again. Sometimes they can be thicker, itchy and enlarging too and sometimes they seem to get worse before getting better. Sometimes they can be even painful and needs severe medical attention.

Scars on the Face

Facial scars are general problems and can come in numerous forms and may be caused due to injuries, acne, burns or even surgery. As unlike the other body parts, facial skins are constantly exposed to the environmental factors, scars in the face are a little bit slower to get healed but again for the same reason the chances of getting worse is also there for the facial scars. It is also very hard to fully protect the wounds and keep the treatments intact.

Remedies for facial scars

Like severe scar problem needs serious medical attention, others may be treated with some facial therapies or home remedies which are affordable and less invasive way to treat those. But the use of face wash, nowadays, is becoming one kind of a trend to deal with the problems of scars on the face. Many companies have stepped forward under different brand names and with ingredients like aloe vera and certain percentages of salicylic acid that aids in the prevention of scars like acne and also controls the oils on the skin and balances the pH level. With their herbal and anti-bacterial properties, these branded face washes have reached almost every home that have problems of scars on the faces. Thus, these products of no scars face wash cost is a little higher than the regularly used face washes. Some of these are claiming to have neem extracts in them that helps any skin condition by softening and loosening dry, scaly or thickened portion so that they can be treated easily.

Facts to consider

These scar fighting face washes do have some restrictions in their use which if not attended might results in side effects or other issues. It needs to be applied gently on the face avoiding eyes, mouth and nose and must be used as per the guideline of the product or of any prescription of a registered practitioner. These face washes cannot be used in higher concentrations and in the large areas of body. Prolonged use without instruction might be harmful too.


Numerous face washes are available to reduce the scars on the face but the choice depends upon the budget, risks and the type of scar a person is having. Also a little survey can be performed to check for the best scar face wash for face within budget.

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