Unable to Access Internet with your NETGEAR Router? Try Following the Troubleshooting Steps

In this article, mywifiext.ca will guide to access internet with your NETGEAR router. But you have to assure us that you will trust has and have full patience during the troubleshooting steps. In case your device has the ‘NETGEAR Genie’ user interface, then configure your router for cable internet connection with smart wizard.

  1. Unplug the router and the modem from the electric wall socket.
  2. After five minutes, plug them back again.
  3. Connect your router and the modem with each other through an Ethernet cable.
  4. Once you are successful in connecting your devices, you will see that LED lights on them start blinking.
  5. Now, open a web browser and type the default IP address of your device into field of the address bar. After that, you are prompt to enter username and password (default) to the required fields of the displayed page.
  6. Click ‘advance’ after that ‘setup wizard’.
  7. Click ‘yes’ and then select ‘next’. The ‘smart setup wizard’ will automatically detect the type of active and available internet connection.
  8. The process will take approximately two minutes to complete.
  9. The ‘congratulations’ page will display soon after the configuration of your internet connection. Test your internet connection by clicking ‘take me to the internet’.

Note: A good internet connection will help you in logging into mywifiext.

Troubleshoot your Internet Connectivity Issues

  1. Disconnect your router. If you unable to access internet, call us immediately on toll-free number 1-888-927-2661.
  2. Connect your computer with the latest and updated firmware of modem. If you are able to access the internet, reconnect your router and place it into an open, airy, and high place.
  3. Open a web browser and log into the router. Type the IP address of your device into the address bar. If you are still facing issues, then unplug your router and the modem and place it away from cordless phones and Bluetooth devices.

If you find yourself failed in accessing the router administration page, perform the process of ‘factory reset’ on your router. Avoid loading your router with malicious and heavy files.

Note: The outdated firmware of router would be a big cause that causes error while accessing mywifiext.net.

In case you are able to access the admin page of router, then consider running the device’s smart wizard and take the following reliable actions:

  1. Click on the ‘smart wizard’ test button and access the NETGEAR test page that is supposed to be online. If the page doesn’t display, it means you have no internet connection.
  2. Under the ‘router status’, consider confirming your router and get a valid IP address. For more information, contact our tech support team.
  3. If there is no IP address, perform a complete power cycle process of your network.

Power Cycle your Home Network

In order to power cycle your home network, consider turning off all your networking devices and after two minutes turn them back again.

The process of power cycling resolves the following issues:

  • Free to access internet on any device.
  • Able to go online anytime anywhere.
  • An internet connection can easily be established on your gateway/ router.
  • Solid green lights on your device.
  • A successful mywifiext.net login.
  • Avoid interferences of neighboring WiFi devices.

If you are using a DSL or standalone cable modem with a router, then disable all your WiFi networking devices. After sometimes, enable the modem and let it boot up completely. Let the power lights on it start blinking.

Once you have gone with this process, connect your router with the modem. Your NETGEAR router will automatically establish the internet connection. If you are facing the same issue, contact our experts immediately on toll-free number mentioned above.

If you are using only a cable gateway (modem router) or a DSL, then turn off your router, computer, and the modem. Take them away from heat, cordless phones, and Bluetooth devices. Wait for five minutes and plug them all into an electric wall socket. Let them all boot up. Once you see the blinking lights on your devices, turn on all the WiFi networking devices you have shut down.

If you find that the shared article is helpful for you, do let us know on our website or toll-free number anytime without any hesitation.

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