January 26, 2021

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A Step By Step Bedroom Design Plan

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Once you have figured out your bedroom design plan and shopped for the furniture, flooring, bedding and accessories for your custom bedroom design then the hard work begins. Now you need to paint or wallpaper, do any of the carpentry or electrical work needed and, finally place all the furniture and accessories in their perfect spots. Painting for your bedroom design plan is an easy job but requires care in the preparation of the walls and moldings. It’s easiest if you can remove everything from the room. Protect the flooring with large drop cloths. Remove outlets and switch covers. Mask off the moldings with blue painters tape. Then, simply, paint! Be careful not to get any on the ceiling, unless , of course you are painting the ceiling.

You may need several coats before the paint looks right but keep at it until it does since this is the base you’re your room. Sometimes, the color doesn’t look as nice as it does on the can label, one way to avoid redoing a lot of work is to paint a large patch on the wall and let it dry. If it is the color you want go on and cover the room, otherwise it’s back to the paint store for another color. While the room is empty, you might want to do any electrical work or construction. If your bedroom design plan calls for some faux columns then put them in. A chandelier in the middle of the room? Have it install now so you won’t have workmen climbing all over your new furniture. Next, is flooring. If your bedroom design plan calls for new flooring this is the time to have it installed. If you are just going to add some throw rugs, then it is probably better just to throw them down at the end.

Your accessories, wall art and bedding is what will really bring your bedroom design plan to life. Place the accessories and wall art according to where they are placed on your reference photo or sketch. If you couldn’t find wall décor in the same scale as that in the photo, it might not look right in the spot that you thought it should be hung so you may have to move things around a bit or dash out and buy something else. Getting the pieces to scale from a reference photo is tricky when you don’t have the pieces right at hand. You might want to leave buying the accessories and wall art until after everything else is done, that way you can bring the piece home and see how it will look in the finished room – if it’s a no go, simply bring it back and try something else.

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