January 26, 2021

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Check Out These Top 7 Places of Mussoorie

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Mussoorie is a very popular and famous place of visit for tourists from India as well as from countries around the world. This is mainly because, Mussoorie is a place of wonderful natural beauty that cannot be compared with any other place. India is known for its beautiful scenic places such as Goa, Gokarna, Western Ghats, Rajasthan, Kashmir, etc. But none of these places are as famous or as attractive as the town of Mussoorie. Mussoorie has several very good attractions that are must visit places. In this article, we will discuss seven top places to visit when you are around Mussoorie. When you are planning a visit to any place, you need to make sure that you have a home base where you can turn to when you are tired. Therefore, you need to book a good quality hotel that will satisfy all your needs. You can find several good quality hotels in Mussoorie but some of the best 5 star hotels in Mussoorie are located in the centre of the town. Make sure you get a place in one of these hotels before they get booked out.

This is the second biggest falls in this area after the Kempty Falls. It is not located at a high altitude like Kempty Falls but it surely does rival it in terms of natural beauty and hence is a good place to visit as a tourist. The Mall Road in Mussoorie is famous for shopping in this area. You get all kinds of clothes here. Everything from traditional clothes and authentic regional clothing to expensive international brands. You are sure to enjoy this road if you have that love for shopping. This is a place of natural wonder as it is a waterfall at a high altitude of 4500 feet. It is located among the mountainous regions and hence you may need to travel quite a bit to reach this place and see the wonder with your own eyes.

There is an adventure park in Mussoorie where adventure seekers can enjoy. It has both natural thrills as well as rides which you can go on. If you are a religious person and like to know about some religious history, you can visit the Christ Church in Mussoorie. If you are a sea life lover, then you will surely love the Jawahar Aquarium. It hosts several different kinds of sea life. If you are looking for hotels around this place, you can find a good hotel in Mussoorie around this place.

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