July 27, 2021

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Financial services

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We identify worthwhile investment opportunities and highlight those where caution should be exercised. We assist with an independent assessment of the business and bring to your notice and quantify areas of financial risk. We also confirm the accuracy of the information and assumptions on which the investment decision is based. We provide you with information on critical success criteria, key performance indicators, industry performance indicators, industry and any seasonal implications, which may affect the business.

We use extensive experience of our technology partners to give world class advice, which provides the necessary insight into the technical competency of the party involved. The viability of acquiring a new technology into existing software is conducted. The amount of software related training required, the forms of technology transfer along with the duration, cost and the best ways to accomplish the same. This legal due diligence ensures that the company is being properly operated and has no legal problems.

The company’s contractual relations, liabilities, copyrights, proprietary status and the impact of these on the return on the investment are also assessed. We guide your team step by step through the process of preparing a concise and compelling business plan document for the intended audience. The business plan development encompasses conducting a comprehensive industry /market analysis, competitive analysis and preparing a sales plan, operating plan and financial plan. Business plan review services ensure that the plan is realistic and in the right format.

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