January 26, 2021

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Houston sits atop a flat, Gulf Coast plain. The city stretches from downtown to marshy grasslands or woods. You’ll find neighborhoods, office complexes, and shopping malls. In the marshy plains, there are several bayous with magnolia trees and cypress. To the north are vast, wooded areas. The climate is warm and humid with quite a bit of rainfall throughout the year. Houston is fourth in the United States in city population numbers. That’s not a surprise since Houston is about half the size of Rhode Island.

The biggest industry is oil and gas but it is also a large medical contingent, construction and engineering, and computer manufacturing. Because of the new industries springing up almost on a daily basis, there are many immigrants to the city. Restaurants and specialty stores are growing like wildfire to meet the demands of the immigrant population of the city. You can see temples and churches for a huge variety of religions—Taoist, Buddhist, Islamic, Hindu, Russian Orthodox.

Houston is the only large city in the country to not have zoning laws. This means that a factory might be located next to a neighborhood. However, as the city has grown it also now has a pollution problem ad is on the list of one of the worst offenders. However, Houstonians seem to have a sense of pride and humor no matter what is said about their city. When it was reported that their air was dirtier than even Los Angeles’s, residents made signs bragging that they’d “beat L.A.” This lighthearted side of Houston shows up in the friendly warm visitors experience upon coming to the city. The Astrodome was one of the first dome stadiums to be built, although many other cities have followed the example. The Astrodome was once called the “eighth wonder of the world.” In fact, Houston has some rather unique architecture. Downtown is a skyscraper with a Mayan pyramid on top. Others might look like churches, needle syringes and more.

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