September 21, 2021

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How unfortunate it is:cleanliness

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A day off, a week of cleaning. This is what some of the employees of public enterprises that take care of the hygiene of public

spaces said behind our camera.

Thousands of citizens on the occasion of May 1 had flooded the sports recreation center Saraj, Lake Treska and the tourist center

Matka to spend a few hours rest. According to municipal employees, many of the unscrupulous vacationers had left, leaving rubbish

dumped on the streets and in green areas.

“Catastrophic cleanliness, everyone who has been here has left the garbage and gone. It should not be left like this, everyone who

goes should pick me up and send me to the right place. They left the garbage dumped, they did not collect it and throw it in the

containers, in the baskets “.

“There are few who have collected it in bags to throw in the baskets. “They have been cleaning since morning, here and there.”

The municipal public enterprise “Saraj” even appeals to citizens to preserve the environment at the time when the season of outdoor

walks has begun.

During today we have started to clean the garbage in Lake Treska where there really were many people during May 1 and during today,

we believe that we will clean the whole place. But I have an appeal to all citizens to be aware and preserve the environment which

must be cleaned by the citizens themselves – said Sabaudin Rustemi, director of NPK “Saraj”.

The public enterprise “Parks and Greens” and “Municipal Hygiene” also announced that today they have engaged a double number of

workers in order to clean all the tourist spots that were used yesterday for a picnic. Despite the fact that May 1 is marked with

protests in other countries, in our country and the region it is used for rest and walks.

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