September 21, 2021

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Incomplete resume of deputy county magistrate leads netizens to question

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On December 9th, the netizen “Ma Maoxiong” posted a Weibo stating that he started posting on Weibo on October 1 this year, hoping to

apply for the disclosure of the resume of Liu Yaping, deputy magistrate of Shenmu County, and there has been no reply so far.

 In addition, the netizen also questioned Liu Yaping’s age. According to media reports, Liu Yaping was born in August 1979. Related

data show that he was the deputy county head of Zizhou County in September 2007 when Liu Yaping was only 28 years old.

 It is understood that on October 13, the netizen urged the county government to disclose it in the form of letters and visits; on

December 2, he sent an EMS application to the county and city governments. However, the two legal applications for information

disclosure have not received any response from the local government so far.

 Shenmu County Party Committee Propaganda Department: Will reply in writing to netizens’ queries

  The reporter opened the official website of Shenmu County Government. In the column of “Leadership Window”, the leaders of the four

major groups in the county are all on it. Their resumes basically only have basic information such as birth date, hometown,

education, current position, etc., and lack a complete resume.

  Today (December 11), the reporter interviewed the Shenmu County Party Committee Propaganda Department by telephone. Shenmu County

Propaganda Minister Wang Bin told reporters, “Shenmu County Government Affairs Network has begun to improve the personal resumes of

Deputy County Mayor Liu Yaping and other county leaders. We will reply in writing as soon as possible.”

  According to the “Shenmu County Government Leaders’ Resume Disclosure Statement” provided by Shenmu County: “After the opening of

the Shenmu County Government Portal, according to the requirements of the provincial and municipal government portal website

construction, the leaders’ resumes were published in accordance with a unified format and standards.

Recently, Residents report that the resumes of government leaders published on the Shenmu County Government Portal are relatively

simple. For this reason, our county has updated the resumes of county government leaders in detail to further enhance the

transparency of government work and facilitate the supervision of the general public.

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