October 14, 2021

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Main types and characteristics of solid wood

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Typical types used in flooring
“Oak”, which is a standard material used as a flooring material, is made from oak wood, which is a broad-leaved tree, and has the

properties of being hard, scratch-resistant, and durable among flooring materials.
The oak wood is characterized by an intermediate shade between brown and white and a beautiful grain of wood, but the shade changes

greatly depending on the place of origin and the environment.
“Teak” and “Walnut”, which are the same hardwoods, are characterized by their deep color with a sense of security, and are also used

for furniture and doors because of their strong resistance to scratches and water.

On the other hand, “pine” and “sugi”, which are members of coniferous trees, are vulnerable to scratches, but on the other hand, they

are popular materials along with oak because of their soft material and color.
In addition, “Hinoki”, which is familiar to Japanese people, is often used not only as a flooring material but also for bathtubs and

wooden buildings because of its unique scent and strong resistance to water.

Is reform using solid wood expensive?
Many people have the image that solid wood flooring is more expensive than plywood flooring, but recently, for pine and cypress wood,

the unit price is not so different from plywood depending on the production area and manufacturer. Solid wood has also come out.
In addition, not all plywood materials are inexpensive, and plywood materials may be more expensive if they have high scratch

resistance or flooring with a floor heating function.

Solid wood flooring gradually deteriorates over time, 5 to 10 years, and needs to be replaced. On the other hand, solid wood flooring

takes time to clean, but it deteriorates even after a certain number of years. It is valuable to be able to enjoy the depth of the

wood for a long time.
When considering remodeling with solid wood, rather than comparing only by price, satisfaction is achieved by choosing a flooring

material that suits your lifestyle, such as ease of maintenance, based on the characteristics of each material. Will also change.

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