January 26, 2021

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Ranikhet has some Amazing sites for visitors

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Ranikhet is one of the serene and beautiful hill stations in northern India. People from various parts of the country come and spend a nice summer in the hill station of Ranikhet. There are a lot of interesting places to see and experience that Ranikhet has to offer. So, if you are planning to go on a trip to Ranikhet, then first get your hotel and travel reservations done. To help you out with the best that this place has to offer, here are some of the places to visit in ranikhet. This is one of the foremost tourist attractions of Ranikhet. This is an orchard of various kinds of fruits that grow in hilly regions. From oranges to apples to peaches to apricots, you will find all kinds of mountainous fruit trees here. Apart from the beautiful fauna, this orchard also offers a lovely view of the surrounding peaks. The snow-covered peaks that circle the sky here is bound to enchant you.

When you check in at one of the hotels in ranikhet uttarakhand, the first thing that you need to do is talk to the manager and book a car for your transport for just a couple of kilometres away from the heart of this hill station is the Upat Golf Course. It is one of the highest golf courses in Asia. Being a cantonment town, this golf course is hence maintained by the army. You can bask in the glory of the mountains while enjoying a nice game of golf. One the best parts about this golf course is that they allow non-residents to become members as well. Of the many things to see in Ranikhet, its temples certainly have an attraction of their own. There are various temples that are located in and around the hill station, of which the Jhula Devi temple is the most famous. It is believed that the goddess of this temple grants the wishes of all those who pray here. Hence both local people and tourists alike flock to this temple. This classic hilly temple also offers a lovely view of the peaks that surround this hill station.

Just a few kilometres away from Ranikhet, is a tiny hamlet, known by the name majkhali. This is the perfect place to head out to if you want to enjoy the lovely mornings of this hill station. It is the best place to spend a nice time your family. If you want you can also carry a picnic basket with you for your trip to Majkhali. If you trek a few kilometres downhill from the Chaubatia Gardens, you will find the Bhalu Dam which is an artificial lake. This place is quiet well known for the tranquillity that it has to offer. A dense growth of trees and forests circle the lake and the mountains at a distance, paint a nice picture.

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