January 26, 2021

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Really effective mosquito control experiments & rankings! Outdoor edition such as camping BBQ

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The threat of mosquitoes is not limited to itching and insect bites, and in 2014, which is new to our memory, dengue fever occurred in Japan for the first time in 70 years.
That year, when mosquitoes transmitted the infection and mosquito-removing goods disappeared from stores .I think many people are frightened by small natural enemies.
I want to enjoy leisure, but I don’t want to be bitten by mosquitoes!
For such people, I would like to introduce a ranking of countermeasures that can easily repel mosquitoes with familiar items .Mosquitoes have the image of summer insects, but the activity period of mosquitoes is surprisingly long, from April to November, and they start in spring and can be seen in warm regions until winter.
The temperature suitable for mosquito activity is 22 to 31 degrees Celsius, so mosquitoes should have already started activity nationwide.Some people were bitten by mosquitoes as soon as April came.
Uo, look at everyone! !! I was bitten by a mosquito a while ago, but after being bitten, I wanted to see the .
Characteristics of people who are easily bitten by mosquitoes
O type
High body temperature
Sweat well
After drinking
There is no scientific evidence about the blood type, but, in terms of the easy to mosquito bites order
Sure, I’m the only type O in my family (children and husbands are type A), but I feel like I’m a mosquito coil every year.For some reason, I was stabbed and no one around me was stabbed! This is often the case, but O-type people are only rumored to be stabbed easily, and of course other blood types are also stabbed, so measures are required.Mosquitoes prefer warm foods and react to carbon dioxide contained in exhaled breath and lactic acid contained in sweat, so it can be said that infants and pregnant women with high body temperature and high respiratory rate are also susceptible to bites .
In addition, mosquitoes also come to you if your body temperature rises due to drinking alcohol or if you sweat after bathing or exercising .
These days I’m worried about mosquito control
Speaking of mosquito countermeasures, there are various insect repellents such as insect repellent patches and mosquito coils, but those who are not good at the smell of insect repellents and patches or who are reluctant to spray on small children There are also.

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