September 21, 2021

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The secret behind NHK’s BS message erasure! Summary of charges and cancellation methods

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NHK has been talking about for several years, such as the problem of intimidating the collection of reception fees and uncontracted trials.Even on the Internet, many people are searching for contracts and how to refuse payment of reception fees, and there is still a deep gap with consumers.

About NHK broadcast reception fee.First, let’s take a look at the basic NHK reception fee. There are two types of NHK broadcast reception fees: terrestrial contracts (TVs that can receive only terrestrial broadcasts, etc.) and satellite contracts (TVs that can receive satellite broadcasts including terrestrial broadcasts).

The reception fee for the ground contract is 2,520 yen for a 2-month payment, 7,190 yen for a 6-month advance payment, and 13,990 yen for a 12-month advance payment. And satellite broadcasting (BS) is 4,460 yen for 2 months payment, 12,730 yen for 6 months advance payment, and 24,770 yen for 12 months advance payment. It’s not double … but it’s a big difference depending on whether you can receive BS. By the way, if you choose to pay with the payment form, fees will be added and it will be slightly higher.

Satellite charges without seeing BS …? Be careful of automatic reception.For a while, my family moved a lot because of work, and when I finished moving, NHK came from nowhere.

When I moved to the condominium where I live now, NHK came, but since I had a ground contract for NHK at my previous house, I used the payment account and the address where I lived before. I checked and went home.There are still various discussions about NHK, such as the obligation to pay under the Broadcasting Law and the freedom to not watch the broadcast, so there are various discussions about it, but at home, children are in the morning. Since I am watching E-tele in the evening, I usually pay for terrestrial broadcasting.

I’ve confirmed the contract details, so I’m relieved … but a few days later, the collector came again. I did When I heard the story, he said, “Since I am receiving BS (satellite broadcasting), please switch to satellite charges.After I came back, I was surprised to see the satellite broadcasting reception fee again.

That’s right, because the monthly license fee has doubled even though I haven’t seen it at all .I was told that I was receiving satellite broadcasting (BS), so I made a contract without knowing it, but I made a contract and what kind of broadcasting are you doing? I was surprised again by pressing the BS broadcast button on the remote control.
The screen is pitch black and nothing is reflected.

I couldn’t agree with the satellite fee even though it didn’t show up, so I called the NHK support center that was written in the document.

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