September 21, 2021

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There was a trick to erase the BS broadcast message

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I can’t say it in a loud voice, but it seems that BS broadcasting really has a trick to erase the message.When I asked an acquaintance who did not have a satellite broadcasting contract, I knew it easily, but many of you may already know it.Erasing BS broadcast messages Broadcasting is really easy.

Just record the program you want to watch.It is a contract promotion message that has been displayed on the screen for a long time, but when I record it, it does not appear at all.From the side of the satellite contract (and it doesn’t show up), it’s a complicated feeling, but you can watch BS programs for free (not contracted).

I don’t want to record it by recording, I want to see it in real time right now.For those who say, a hygiene contract .
While erasing the message again, I found a trick to watch BS broadcasting in almost real time .

Clearing BS messages & watching programs in real time All you need is a recorder. (Except for some models) Many recent recorders have a chase playback function.Yes, with this chase playback feature, you can erase messages without recording.
Digital broadcasting can display programs and linked data at the same time.

Since the messages displayed on BS broadcasts are linked data, many recorders that can only display programs will erase the messages (cannot be displayed accurately) just by using the chase playback function.However, if the model has high performance and can display linked data at the same time, the message will be displayed as it is.

There is a lot of information and discussions about NHK, so I can’t say it unconditionally, but I’m convinced that I can’t understand the contract because there are many unclear points because only various information is walking alone. I feel that many people do not.
As for the BS broadcast message, it is a little doubtful as a contractor that there is no display in programs that NHK wants to get the audience rating , Such as the red and white song battle at the end of the year and the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games.

Personally, I feel that the mechanism that only people who want to see, such as WOWOW, contract and that non-contracted people can not see is the easiest to understand regardless of age or gender. Maybe It seems that the gap between NHK and contractors will not be filled until the contract system is easy for anyone to understand.

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