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Do you have what it takes to trade for a living? – Our proprietary trading department is looking for a few good men – or should we say, “a few good traders?” In reality, we are constantly on the lookout for novice and experienced traders alike that want to take their trading to a higher level. Our proprietary trading program is ideal for individuals who want to trade for a living; for example, as a hedge fund manager. Our extensive relationships in this market has provided us with key contacts at financial institutions – including hedge funds, which are constantly looking to recruit talented traders that can trade currencies successfully. Even though historically, hedge funds have preferred to employ professional traders (with a reputable and seemingly aristocratic background), nowadays the increasing demand for alternative investments has caused the demand for successful and innovative amateur traders to soar, especially when they come recommended from a firm like ours.

Hedge Fund Incubation Phase: Simply by trading your own forex account, you can qualify to be recruited by some of the most prestigious hedge funds in the financial industry. A successful trading account will provide the track record you need to take your hedge fund career to next step. Consequently, a minimum of 6 months of live trading via our platform is required before we can consider recommending you to a hedge fund (VERY IMPORTANT). (UPDATE: This is no longer required. We have ways to determine whether you are a talented trader or not without you having to open an account with us and trade for six months. Click here to find out more).

The capital introduction phase of the program is for managers who have successfully completed our incubation process. Once candidates have agreed to have their trading record disclosed to prospective hedge funds, we will begin to make introductions in the interests of securing the client capital from the fund to trade with. Alternatively, opportunities also exist for individual traders looking to establish themselves as independent CTAs as opposed to fund managers. Proprietary trading (prop trading for short) involves the opportunity to trade someone else’s money for a living. If this idea sounds appealing to you, then you might be the person we are looking for. Once you complete our prop trading program, you will have the opportunity to trade hedge fund capital in the forex market.

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