September 22, 2021

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Various experimental results of mosquito control

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There are various countermeasures, but there were some people who actually did some experiments, so I will introduce the results first.He said that he implemented various countermeasures in a scary place (!) Where an average of 40 to 50 mosquitoes flock in 30 minutes if nothing is done, and investigated the number of mosquitoes that came in 30 minutes.
This method seems to be the easiest, but 46 mosquitoes gathered in 30 minutes!
Even if you wipe it, you will not feel much effect because you are always sweating in the summer.
I tried a strategy to suppress sweat with baby powder, which has the image of making the baby’s skin smooth, but it was not very effective because 40 mosquitoes gathered.
Since the flight ability of mosquitoes is quite low, it is said that if you send in the wind of an electric fan, you can not fly in the wind = you will not be stabbed in the wind, so you can easily try it outdoors. ..
However, it seems that the Uchiwa was full of gaps because the wind could not be applied to the whole body, and the result was 47 animals.
A strategy to put a sweaty T-shirt and backpack nearby and make another target.
Twenty-three animals came to humans, about half the normal amount. After all the smell of sweat seems to be my favorite .
Pyroligneous acid with a unique scent like smoked.
Since mosquitoes have a lot of odors that they are not good at, expectations were high for the strong odor of wood vinegar, but the result was 38 mosquitoes.
It is a wood vinegar solution that did not seem to be very effective against mosquitoes, but if you apply it when you are stung, it will be more itchy than Kinkan or Muhi and it will be harder for insect bites to remain, so keep it for when you are bitten by a mosquito. It may be good.
It’s a good idea to put beer in a cup and leave it at the time of BBQ! There seems to be some people, but the result is 34 animals.
It is said that flies gather in beer rather than mosquitoes
One push of aroma spray of citronella (or geranium), a famous herb that mosquitoes dislike!
While being healed by a nice scent, even one push is effective with 21 animals, which is about half the normal amount, and if you push 4 times after a while, it will decrease to 8 animals.Moreover, the heat of vaporization keeps your body cool and refreshing.
The mosquito’s dislike of herbs was true.
It is said that mosquitoes dislike the ingredients contained in lemons, but as a result of applying lemon juice, it mixes with sweat and becomes sticky, and the result is 33 animals.
And, in the rough work of rubbing the lemon zest on the whole body, it seems that it is not sustainable although it decreases slightly to 27 animals.
If it gets on the mucous membranes such as the eyes, it will be terrible and if the skin is weak, it will be rough and cannot be imitated.

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