July 23, 2021

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Venture Capital Consulting

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It provides Venture Capital Consultancy on the following areas Who are the key players in the venture capital arena   for your specific type of business project? Who will look at your Project keenly?  What are the chances of raising venture capital?  How long does it take to initiate and complete the   venture capital process?  What are the main terms of Funding?  What do you require for a successful business plan? What costs and charges are involved with  Funding? We can help you with these and any other questions you may have about raising Venture Capital. You have a fantastic business idea and the potential to be the next big business success story. However, to develop your business idea and to take it to market successfully, you require expert help and you may need money. We helps you raise funds through Venture capital firms, angel investors, business lenders, business investors and alternative funding sources.

Strategic Alliance Formation

BFC provides its Strategic partnership consultancy to organizations, which have great business plans, have established themselves in India and/or wish to expand their operations. connects them to its network and European firms, which have synergy and similar interests and help form strategic alliances/ partnership. We cover venture capital consulting, venture capitalists, business plans, raising venture capital, seed funding, business angels, business investors, venture capital resources, sources of business capital, Business Incubators, merchant banks, business investors, entrepreneurs, start-up capital, IPO, seed capital, business lenders, business loans, business grants.

Feasibility Study

Conducts Feasibility Study, which entails determining the viability of a proposed project. We take into consideration various factors like  The market size,  Market forces like competition, Market Demand, The environment in which it will operate,  Assessing market risks, Implementation Strategy, Financial appraisal of the products/services for the   company. Depending on the scale of the proposed project, and the level of detail required, can conduct feasibility study, which can be of varying complexity, but typically it comprises of chapters on An Overview of the business Overview of the market for the product Competitive advantage of the product over competition & analysis. An overview of the plan for implementation, including proposed functions, processes, costs and time frames.

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