July 23, 2021

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What is tax equity financing?

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We assist renewable energy companies secure investments and capital. Companies we would be interested in assisting have superior business model, exceptional product, management team second to none. Our investment criteria includes the following capital for funding the growth of existing businesses, including management led buyouts, acquisition financing, minority recapitalization. What we look for superior management teams the present management team must have a proven record of achievement, exceptional ability, unyielding determination, and unquestionable integrity. We believe it is best to leave control with current the present owners and/or management team so that they can focus on their products/services, customers, employees and shareholders well for the long term. We may partner with other investors or venture capital firms larger transactions. Growth historical growth of at least 20 percent per year which is sustainable into the future.

Industry renewable energy industries with an emphasis in solar is our primary focus. If you have a business and financing need that meet the criteria above, we would be pleased for you to contact us regarding your financing need. Please send a complete executive summary. This has made it difficult for developers to secure financing for their renewable energy project. It has expanded the use of tax incentives for the renewable energy sector and removed a cap that once restricted the market for new renewable energy investments. The area now allows companies with no tax appetite to collect cash grants in lieu of the investment tax credit.

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