July 25, 2021

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What MMOs are right for you?

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Let’s assume you selected the following hours a day; iPhone, office and home-friendly and it’s a Social Game. Games do not have to be loner activities. The phone really matters. If it’s an iPhone you can’t play flash games. That means Farmville is out. All Flash games are out, really. No Thanks Apple. No 3D Shooter in the office. So sorry but WoW is out. And if you you can’t be on Facebook all day. Except you Ms. Teleworker! So for most people Mafia Wars are out.For a social gaming, you desire twitter-like streaming plus persistent conversations built in. As well as Guild or Fleets.

The two good social browser based that fit that bill. The other is Mafia Wars. StarPirates is a free casual browser primarily based video game. As they say you can login anytime, from anyplace, and enjoy it for some minutes or some hours. Community matters and the recreation creators are pretty involved in the social side of the recreation. We think it’s half community, half recreation. Worth a try.

Our other choice is the famous game from Facebook’s biggest game company. Instead of a dystopian future you battle across Earth. It is a bit simpler to play, and leveling up is easier than breathing. It also has a freemium model and so it can be played free for a long time if you so choose. The real cost is having to build up your gang with your buddies. And then tossing out your buddies to load up with other more powerful players MafiaWars was only played on Facebook but now there is a standalone version. The company didn’t have morals when they were starting out, but those days now seem to be past.

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